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Horseback riding date:College is the time when you meet new people, have fun, get new experiences, and go to dates. It is also the time when you have to study hard to receive great grades and to have a nice job after graduation, which often makes students sacrifice dating and spend a night with a textbook instead of a nice person. In this case, a good option will be to read essaywebsites.com  feedback and edubirdie review and hire a professional service to free up some time for your social relationships. Back to dating, with so limited budget you have in college, there are not so many options to have an unusual and unforgettable date. However, it is still possible: for example, horseback riding may become your best romantic experience.Horseback riding date ideas for students 1

Top ideas for a horseback riding date

Once you delegate the part of your homework to a reliable service (don`t forget to carefully check it beforehand and get answers to such questions as «Is essaypro legit?»), you can think about the options of your perfect date. Taking someone to horseback riding is a sweet and brave gesture: you get away from all the fuss and stay together in nature. It is equally good for a special occasion, and the first date and whatever the reason is, the heart of your partner will melt. Such a date is an opportunity to spend a lovely day talking to each other, relaxing, sightseeing, and just enjoying the process.

Horseback riding date ideas for students 2

To prepare for this date, you need to book time on a special location, get comfortable clothing and sun protection, bring food and drinks for your little picnic (don`t forget about horse treats), and get a guide if necessary. In fact, there are many different ideas on how to organize this date:

  1. Group trail ride

This is probably one of the simplest and cheapest ways to spend a day, especially if this is your first experience with horseback riding. You will walk in a group with a guide who will saddle up a horse for you, give you a 101-lesson about what you should do, and take you for a one hour trip around fields, wooded trails, and other scenic landscapes. Traveling in a group doesn’t mean it would be a bad date: you will be still enjoying a conversation and having fun together, so this option is worth considering for students on a budget;

  1. Private rideHorseback riding date ideas for students 3

If you don’t want to spend time in a group and prefer to create a more intimate setting, you can order a private horseback ride with your personal guide. Just the two of us, you will be enjoying time together, have a relaxing sunset walk, and maybe even a small cowboy picnic around the bonfire when it gets dark. Such an option is great for special occasions, but it would also make a perfect first date that you will never forget. What can be more romantic?

  1. Riding lessonHorseback riding date ideas for students 4

Romantic walks are great, but what about adding some activity on your date? If you are both beginners (but even if not), you can book a riding lesson just for two of you and learn how to saddle up a horse, how to sit the right way, and how to care about the horse. Even in your first lesson, you will be able to perform different tasks, and we are sure that you will have a lot of fun. The only thing is to be safe: unless you are an experienced rider, don’t try to impress your date with the skills you don`t have or the speed of the gallop. Follow the guide`s instructions, sit back, relax and have fun;

  1. Horse surfingHorseback riding date ideas for students 5

Would you like to ride a horse like a surfboard? This idea is good for those who love extreme and don`t mind being pulled behind a galloping horse. But still, this activity can become a great date: maybe, not the first one, but when you get to know each other, you will definitely enjoy it. The only thing is that you have to go somewhere near the water and hire a professional coach to make this date safe and fun. A more simple option is just to have a ride near the water and take beautiful pictures;

  1. PoloHorseback riding date ideas for students 6

A date is a wonderful opportunity to learn something new together, so why not try polo? Even if you are a beginner, you can take a coach and learn the basics of this sport. You don`t have to manage all of it, but the process of learning will be fun and engaging, which is the main component of a great date.

For those who love horses but are not ready to have a ride, there are other options that can also help you spend a great time together. For example:

  1. RodeoHorseback riding date ideas for students 7

Many horse schools create special events like rodeos, to demonstrate their skills and entertain the viewers. You can watch wrangles performing a variety of tricks, including roping, barrel racing, and team sorting. If you are not a beginner, you can even take part in it yourself. It is usually completed with great snacks, music, and dancing after the event;

  1. Horse-drawn carriage
  2. Horseback riding date ideas for students 8

For your romantic date, you can order a horse-drawn carriage which will take you a few centuries back and allow enjoying beautiful landscapes or city streets. You can talk, drink wine, and take beautiful pictures while the coachman is taking care of the ride.