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Dog Age Calculator : According to Trey Ideker Laboratory at UC San Diego , all mammals progress through similar physiological stages throughout life, from early development to puberty, aging, and death. Yet, the extent to which this conserved physiology reflects underlying genomic events is unclear. Here, they map the common methylation changes experienced by mammalian genomes as they age, focusing on comparison of humans with dogs, an emerging model of aging. Using oligo-capture sequencing, the team characterize methylomes of 104 Labrador retrievers spanning a 16-year age range, achieving >1503 coverage within mammalian syntenic blocks. Comparison with human methylomes reveals a nonlinear relationship that translates dog-to-human years and aligns the timing of major physiological milestones between the two species.

Dog Age Calculator 3

These results establish methylation not only as a diagnostic age readout but also as a cross-species translator of physiological aging milestones. Using the data from this ‘one in a lifetime research’ , our team at has translated this into portable database Dog Age Calculator. The wisdom that every year in a dog’s life equates to seven human years reflects our deep intuition that development and aging are conserved processes that occur at different rates in different species.

Dog Aging

Aging yields similar physiological changes in humans and dogs, yet these changes occur along different time scales..Dog of different sizes and breeds age differently and this prompt us to put this relational database together for your use. Enjoy!

Dog Age Calculator

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