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Make A Great Career Out Of Your Love For Horses 1

Career Out Of Your Love For Horses: If you have a passion for horses, you will definitely enjoy a career that revolves around this majestic mammal. There is a saying, ‘Find a job that you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ Hence, vying to get to the top of your equestrian game so you can make a career out of your passion is a good choice. It’s just that most people that have a passion for horses don’t consider turning it into a career. Meanwhile, there are actually quite a lot of job options for people that love horses.

Career Out Of Your Love For Horses

Caring for and working with horses can provide you with more than just a unique, well-paying position; they also help you mentally and emotionally. Studies have shown that careers with horses have several health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, lessened anxiety, and fewer outbursts of anger. It also increases your caloric output and improves your ability to focus on specific goals without distraction. Also, being around equines builds your self-esteem and confidence, strengthens your sense of empowerment and helps you become more patient and trustworthy.  

Top Jobs You Can Do As a Horse LoverMake A Great Career Out Of Your Love For Horses 2

Unlike many other passion careers that are popular these days, horse ranch jobs have always been around for as long as horses have been. Equestrian jobs have always abounded, and there are options for everyone to choose from. However, not many people know the number of jobs they can get as a horse lover. 

To enlighten you more, we have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to research the top jobs you can do as a horse lover. It doesn’t matter whether you keep a single horse, have a stable, or do not even own a horse; you can make a career from your love for horses. 

  • Horse TrainersKeeping Memories Alive: 7 Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Equine 15

Horse trainers train horses to be ready for their rides. These rides can be for entertainment, sports, races, shows, and transportation. They can also train a person to ride a horse.

  • Horse Riding Instructor

Horse riding instructors train people to ride horses. You need to know how to ride and relate to horses to trend this career path. Moreso, you need patience, good communication skills, and passion for riding to successfully impart your knowledge of horse riding to another person. 

It doesn’t take much to become a horse riding instructor. You only need a high school diploma and the skills listed above. Some states may require you to be licensed, certified, and insured. This differs from state to state, so you should check with the appropriate authorities in your area to get the right documentation. 

  • Equine Veterinarian

Veterinary medicine deals with performing health functions for animals. For an equine veterinarian, it means caring for horses. They administer treatments to the animals when necessary. They diagnose the animals for any health issues and administer medications for them. Alongside their assistants, they also record the health history of their client’s horses. 

You need a degree in veterinary medicine to become an equine veterinarian. You also should get some experience to make you more employable. 

  • Horse Groomer

Being a horse groomer is a job that will allow you to not only be near horses but will also be able to take care of them. Horse groomers are responsible for the general well-being of horses. The duties of a horse groomer include cleaning the horse, cleaning the equipment, mucking the horse’s stall, preparing the horse for riding, administering first aid, etc. 

Although a horse groomer does not need a formal education to get the job. A high school certificate can help them become more sought-after. Also, they need to know how to ride horses, pay attention to their behavioral details, have stamina and fit, know different grooming techniques, etc. A horse groomer can get jobs in many places, like horse breeding facilities, riding schools, and racing centers.

Make A Great Career Out Of Your Love For Horses 3

  • Stable Manager

The stable, also known as the barn, is where the horse lives. Stable managers oversee every aspect of the stable organization, from hiring staff to creating schedules. The stable manager is basically the supervisor in the stable. A stable manager hires staff, delegates work for them, and oversees whatever they do. 

  • Equine TherapistMake A Great Career Out Of Your Love For Horses 4

Do you want to help people stay mentally and emotionally balanced using your favorite animal? Then consider becoming an equine-assisted therapist. Equine-assisted therapy involves the use of horses and donkeys to help through some mental treatment. In equine-assisted therapy, patients are treated by making them care for, groom, or train horses to identify their behavioral patterns. It helps instill mentalities, such as self-awareness, assertiveness, and empathy in patients. It can also build other habits like teamwork, personal responsibility, proactive leadership, etc.

Make A Great Career Out Of Your Love For Horses 5

  • Equine Journalism

Do you want to research, learn more about, and educate people about the animals you are passionate about? Then equine journalism might be for you. It involves working for media companies, newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV stations. An equine journalist helps research, write or broadcast horse-related topics for these organizations. 


Horses are sensitive, intelligent, and empathetic, and working with them inspires you to beMake A Great Career Out Of Your Love For Horses 2 a better person. They have been known to be on Earth for over fifty-five million years and are in many parts of the world. Also, making money from horses through different means has been around for almost the same time. This article has highlighted the top professions you can explore as a lover of horses. 


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