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Your horse is one of a kind, so you want to find a unique or cool horse name as special as he or she is. Here you’ll find special cool horse names all over the world. Ok, we get  it. Your horse is unique and you want a unique horse name  for him/her. Before going to the registry, please peruse the list below. Wait, there are some questions in your mind?


What are Cool horse names and good horse names?
What should I name my horse?
What is a good male horse name?
What is a good female horse name?
What is the most common horse name?

We have done the job for you. We have filtered hundreds of horse names down to these 70 names for you. The heavy lifting has been done for you. Go ahead and pick one of these cool and unique horse names before anyone does.

Then there are Native American names like Kai, Jacy, and Woya. However, you are looking for cool Horse names

There are popular names like

Chardonneigh Shaneighneigh Galloper
Neighme Noneighme Gallo
Neighzle Hoofington Equus
Funneigh Trotter Marey
Neighbor Trotti Filly


Then there are Native American names like Kai, Jacy, and Woya. However, you are looking for cool Horse names

Cool Horse Names

Here are Cool Horse Names that are unique horse names

1. Primo Extremo

cool horse names

2. The Duke of Monte Carlo

3. Saragon

4. Texas Rose

5. Back Street Bay

6. Bronco

7. Buttercup

8. Emerald

9. Felicity

10. Maripossa

cool horse names

11. Miah

12. Night

13. Pumpkin

14. Skyfire

15. Solitaire Flemenco (Solly)

16. Sparkle

beautiful horse photo

17. Staines

18. Stormy Nightningale

19. Strawberry Shortcake

20. Sun Dance

21. Swift Serene

22. Tellstar

unique horse name cute photo horse pics

23. Mirrana

24. Traveler

25. Tuxedo

26. Twighlight Star

27. Twist

28. Waffles

29. Dark Fury

beautiful black horse

30. Neptune

31. Indispensable

32. Rocket

33. Torpedo

34. Temptation

35. Spitfire

36. Morning Glory

37. Wishful

 unique horse name winter horse forest

38. Winter

39. Countless Melody

40. Primrose

41. Storm Breaker

42. Mischief Maker

43. Antique

44. Desert Rose

45. Dawn

46. Dusk

47. Destiny

unique horse name white horse running

48. Harmony

49. Peny

50. Half Pence

51. Dollar

52. Squittles

53. Wind

cute pics horse photo

54. Lacy

55. Midnight

56. Luna

57. Snowflake

58. Crystal

59. Toffee

60. Smokey

61. Rocky

cool stallion photo

62. Quicksand

63. Dusty

64. Willow

65. Patch

66. Tornado

67. Mustard

68. Pepper

69. Misty

70. Dakota

running horse winter snow

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments! If you know any cool horse name, please share it.



Here are  the names suggested by our fans

Emily Tubbs :Zephyr, Nyx, Akinli, Kahlen, Kayi, Arkin, Xaveria and Xanthia,


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