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Memorialize Your Beloved Equine: Like other pets, losing your beloved equine can also be painful and devastating. Whether they died of sudden illness, accident, or old age, dealing with the loss of your horse will never be easy, considering that you’ve been with them for several years and they’ve played such a massive role in your lives. They’ve become your friend, ally, and even a family member.  

One way to help you cope with the loss and its pain is by memorializing them. There are many ways you can preserve the memories you’ve had with your horse and celebrate the life they’ve had with you. Keeping Memories Alive: 7 Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Equine 11

This article outlines ways to memorialize your beloved equine and keep their memories alive. 

1 .Dedicate A Memorial Spot 

The same way you do when losing a person dear to you, you can also hold a memorial for your horse and dedicate a memorial spot for them. And suppose you’re planning to bury your horse in your garden or somewhere else on your property; you can mark that spot with flowers, a bench, or a customized gravestone with your horse’s name. 

On the other hand, you may also consider having your horse’s body cremated with the help of horse cremation services and keep their ashes inside a special urn. You can place and display the urn at your house or create a memorial spot in your garden, where you and your family can see or visit it at any time.

Keeping Memories Alive: 7 Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Equine 12

2. Wear Their Memory 

Getting a piece of jewelry or any accessory personalized with your horse’s name or picture can also be an excellent way to honor the life and memories they’ve shared with you. For example, you can have a custom bracelet, cufflink, or pendant with your horse’s name made. 

And to make it more special, you can also have your horse’s hair incorporated into your rings, necklaces, or earrings. Some artists can create customized jewelry pieces made from the hair of your horse’s tail. 

Another great accessory to consider is a nameplate. You can look for tack stores that can help you customize your leather belts or bracelets with nameplates that feature your horse’s name.

3. Get A Memorial Tattoo 

If you want to memorialize your horse in your body and keep it for life, you may also get a memorial tattoo dedicated to your equine. The great thing about memorial tattoos is that you can choose or even design your own art piece or style that closely relates to your beloved horse. 

For instance, you can have your horse’s name, ID number, face, or horseshoe permanently inked in your body to honor their memory for life. 

Memorialize Your Beloved Equine

 4.Display Their Picture Frame Or Portrait 

Having your horse’s best picture on a picture frame displayed in your living room or bedroom can also be a way to keep their memories close to you. Their photographs can also serve as your daily reminder of the good times you’ve shared with your beloved equine companion and allow your stories and memories to be shared with the people who see your horse’s picture.  

Aside from a framed picture, you can also hire an artist to create a portrait of your horse. Custom horse portraits can be effective in capturing the traits and features you love most about your equine. Plus, this is also a great way to add a sentimental and meaningful artwork display to your home. 

Keeping Memories Alive: 7 Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Equine 13

5. Make A Personalized Statue 

If you have the budget for it, you can hire a sculptor to create a statue for your horse. And depending on your preference, you can have a shelf-sized or real-life-sized one.

The color, shading, markings, and highlights of the sculpted statue will also depend on the pictures of your horse that you provide. Once you have your horse’s shelf-sized or real-life-sized statue, you can display it in your home or garden to keep their memory alive.  

Alternatively, if not a statue, you may also consider creating pottery pieces incorporating your horse’s hair. These custom pottery pieces can make great memorials that you can use around your office or home. 

6. Keep Their Things In A Memory Box

Keeping Memories Alive: 7 Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Equine 14

You probably have many horse things left that have been used by your equine while they’re still alive. Gather all of their items and put them in one memory box. It can be your horse’s shoes, ribbons, pictures, halter, racing awards, and other things that bring many memories about your bond together. 

You can preserve them using this memory box and reminisce about them at any time. You can also make your own memory box and decorate it with your horse’s name or pictures. 

7. Pay It Forward Keeping Memories Alive: 7 Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Equine 15

For some people, they tend to find closure and peace with the loss of their beloved horse through good deeds. For instance, if you got your horse from an adoption or rescue agency, you can make a monetary donation to that specific organization in honor of your horse. Or suppose you want your horse’s old items to be put to good use. You may also consider donating them to equine rescue or adoption centers where these things are most needed to aid in horse care.

Aside from donating money or things, you can also donate your time by volunteering to clean the park or any place where you and your horse used to spend time together.


Key Takeaway 

Ultimately, there are many creative ways you can honor and remember your equine after they’re gone. This loss may be a devastating and heartbreaking process, but having these memories around you can help you cope with the longing and remember and cherish them for life.