What is life without love? How often do families hold a housewarming party so as to catch up for old times sake? 

In this video clip, one get to see the excitement Jack had while riding on Pete back.

Pete tried as much as he could to push Jack away but found it hard to accomplish.

He paced back and forth looking for a way out, while Jack was just having fun.

It was a sunny day, and the neighborhood seemed so quiet that Jack needed a company and got an excellent one with Pete.

Like Jack, does it feel bored staying at home alone sometimes?

Then all that is just need is to walk out of the house and visit close neighbors.

Life is not a bed of roses. Make the first move sometimes because the other person might not be willing to.

Make the right choice today and experience joy that comes with friendship.

Jack had a great time with Pete.

They both spent time having fun with each other since they were of a different breed, Pete was quite accommodating. 

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