5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

By  /  Aug 15, 2017
In summer, when the temperatures skyrocket, it is not only humans that feel the heat, even dogs get dehydrated. It...
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Poodles are the most intelligent Dogs in the world. Please Read and watch.

By Abby12  /  Aug 15, 2017
 General Appearance: Carriage and Condition -That of a very active,intelligent and elegant appearing dog, squarely built, well proportioned, moving soundly...
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Bulldog Puppy Sees Himself in the mirror For The First Time. His Reaction Is Pawsome

By Abby12  /  Aug 13, 2017
The reactions of this Bulldog is pawsome. The puppy thinks there is another playmate in the house. His reactions are...
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