Am I Ready to Adopt a Furry Friend? Tips for Choosing Your New Best Pal

Bringing an animal into your home is a beautiful thing to do; domestic animals are proven to be amazing for mental health and happiness as well as routine, to say nothing of appeasing the little ones in the household. But knowing when you are ready for an animal is not the easiest. So how do you find out if you are?

Am I Ready?

In order to answer this question properly, there are a few key areas worth exploring. In knowing where you stand on the following, you can ascertain exactly where you are in your animal ownership journey. 

5 Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Dog 9

#1 – Commitment

The major reason for which you are asking yourself the question at all likely relates to the issue of commitment. Looking after an animal is no joke, however hands-off or aloof they may appear to be. There are routines to set, dietary requirements to meet, activities and playtime to account for and so on. If you are the forgetful or even fickle sort, you might find your interests drifting away from the well-being of your charge.

#2 – Lifestyle

Of course, even considering bringing animal life into your home is a step-in Favour of your commitment to looking after them. The real problem comes when thinking about your lifestyle. It may be that your way of life is incompatible with animal ownership; long work hours mean contact time with your furry friend would be at a minimum and could lead to lapses in care elsewhere. Your home could also be unsuitable for animal life, whether it is too close to a dangerous road or an undersized flat.

#3 – Costs

Lastly, and unavoidably, money is a major factor in readiness for a domestic animal. There are setup costs to consider, in the form of beds, cots or hutches. There is insurance and veterinary cover, as a form of ongoing cost. Food, drink formulae and treats are other regular costs, too, as well as toys and other such accoutrements. 

Which Animal is Best for You?

Of course, if you are prepared for all the above considerations, you are more than ready to bring an animal into your home. The question remains, though: which is best?

Am I Ready to Adopt a Furry Friend? Tips for Choosing Your New Best Pal 3
Shot of a beautiful young woman relaxing on the couch with her dog at home.


Dogs are the first animal that many think of when thinking about domestic ownership, but dogs can also be the highest maintenance. Most breeds require regular attention, some near-constant attention, and regular exercise in the form of walks. Their veterinary care can also be expensive.


Cats are another popular option and lower maintenance to boot. They are fickle, though, and not all of them are the lap cats for which you might be hoping! Patience is key for many breeds of cat.

Am I Ready to Adopt a Furry Friend? Tips for Choosing Your New Best Pal 4

Guinea Pigs

Rodents like guinea pigs are a popular choice for younger members of the family, as a first experience for looking after an animal. Guinea pig food is a necessary regular purchase alongside fresh veg, healthy amounts of which will guarantee a sweet and loving animal for your child.


Goldfish are another cool way to introduce children to looking after animals, but their relative running costs can be much higher. Tanks, tank decorations, water pumps and food can cost a pretty penny if you aren’t careful!

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