Taking a pet out of the street and giving them shelter and care, is not the only reason you should consider adopting one, adopting a pet will bring more benefits than you can ever imagine. Many people consider the adoption of a pet as the right thing to do because it is a reward. The following reasons are perhaps worth considering;

6 Reasons to Adopt A Pet 1

You will Save a Life

Millions of pets are being euthanized yearly because there are too many of them with fewer people to adopt them. The number of euthanized pets could be drastically reduced if more people opt for pet adoption instead of buying them. When you adopt a pet, they will become part of your household and you will save a loving pet from being euthanized.

It Costs Less to Adopt a Pet

Usually, adopting a pet can save you lots of money in the long run. For instance, when you 6 Reasons to Adopt A Pet 2adopt a pet, you wouldn’t have to pay for the first vaccination, spay or neuter because all those have been included in the cost of adoption at a subsidized rate. This will surely save you significantly on the upfront costs of having an animal as part of the family. Depending on the type of pet you are adopting, you may also save significantly on the costs of training.

By covering a large portion of healthcare for pets, adopting a pet from a shelter will reduce your concerns on the health of the animal. There are several other mandatory medical tests conducted at the shelter before they allow you to take the animal to your home- this may not be the case at pet breeders. You may qualify for free medical examinations up until the first few weeks of adopting a pet, and that can save you significantly.

You, Will, Help Stop Animal Cruelty in Pet Mills or Animal Breeding Facilities6 Reasons to Adopt A Pet 3

Thousands of commercial breeding facilities and backyard pet breeders produce millions of pets constantly. These breeders are often referred to as pet breeders. These breeders repeatedly get female pets impregnated constantly and keep then in cages with little or no human companionship. The pets raised in breeding facilities often live in intolerable environmental conditions and are forced to produce hundreds or thousands of liters without a proper break and medical treatments. If everyone could adopt pets, then these animal breeding mills will become unprofitable, forcing them to run out of business.

You Have Access to Much Better Options

Animal shelters where you can adopt pets offer more varieties than anywhere else. There, you can find specific animal breeds and common ones. The owners and staff of animal shelters do rescue lots of pets and provide better care for them at their facilities. Pet breeding facilities on the other hand usually don’t have many varieties to offer, since they 6 Reasons to Adopt A Pet 4mass-breed the pets from specific types of animals from time to time.

By adopting the right animals in shelters, you will encourage others to do the same. This is particularly true when your friends or neighbors found out how good and well-treated your dog turns out to be.

Adopting a pet also guarantees that you are adopting an animal that has received good care. All animals that come to the animal shelter are handed to competent and experienced staff who understand the needs of different pet breeds. These pets are normally vaccinated upon their arrival, and they will also pass through some behavioral screening procedures. You may want to ask your pet counselor for details when adopting a pet.

You Can Test-drive a Pet6 Reasons to Adopt A Pet 5

In most places, if not all, staffs understand that getting a pet for the first time can be daunting, hence some animal shelter may allow you take a pet home for a while and return them if they are not compatible with your lifestyle. The limited test-drive advantage will help you decide whether pet adoption is right or wrong for you. Those who adopt pets in this manner tend to feel more secure. Test-driving a pet will make you discover so many things about the animal, for instance, you will be sure if your children will love them and if they fit into your everyday routine.

You Can Avoid Genetic Pet Problems Caused by In-breeding

Dogs have been bred and cross-bred for hundreds of years and today, there are more than 150 different types of dog breeds in the world, not to mention other animals. With so much 6 Reasons to Adopt A Pet 6breeding going on in pet mills, genetic problems associated with such will eventually become inevitable and may cost the owners of such dogs, lots of money to deal with. Cross-bred animals are known to develop certain genetic problems inherent in their excessive aggression, congenital problems and physical defects. For this reason, it is much safer to adopt a pet than to buy them in animal breeding mills.


Another benefit of pet adoption worth mentioning is the fact that you will be supporting a valuable charity organization by adopting a pet. Sadly, every community requires some types of animal shelter and these shelters are run mostly by a non-profit organization. When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you are indirectly supporting the growth and survival of the organization. Somehow, people you recommend to adopt pets from the same place will also contribute to the growth and survival of such non-profit organization.6 Reasons to Adopt A Pet 7

Animal shelters often mandate pet adopters to neutered or spay the animals to ensure that only healthy pets are allowed into homes and the society hence, it is much safer to get pets from such reliable places. It is also important to note that many pet insurance companies may not offer insurance cover for pets purchased from mass-breeding facilities due to a lack of vaccinations and other medical tests. Most pets adopted from the shelter are trusted and most welcome by pet insurance companies, hence it is easier to get cheaper pet insurance for such animals. It is much safer to adopt a pet with a good medical record than buy a pet with little or no medical history.




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