The Shichon dog is considered a designer dog breed which is a mix of the Shih Tzu and the Bichon frise dog breeds.7 Tips to Train Your Shichon Dog 17

These breeds are characterized by their small frame with medium to long hair fur. Sometimes, Shichon is referred to as the teddy bear dog and they have strong intelligence, energetic and friendliness personalities.

Be Patient and Persistent

Though the obedience training of the Shichon can be simple when you apply the appropriate training methods, most housebreaking rules training can be difficult in the beginning unless you exercise patience and persistence. You should endeavor to follow the traditional puppy-training methods for the dog and this will prevent you from training the dog into her adult years.

Feed the Shichon with High-Quality Dog Food7 Tips to Train Your Shichon Dog 18

Just like any other dog breed, the type of food you offer the Shichon must be top quality with the proper nutritionally-balanced mix. Some dog breeds can be picky but make sure you avoid giving your Shichon foods that contain hydrogenated oils, sugar, and salt. The dog food should be high in protein and contains a substantial amount of Omega fatty acids to nourish the dog’s skin and its coat. You can find the Best Shichon dog food at only certified Shichon pet stores.

Use Dog Treats at the Early Stages7 Tips to Train Your Shichon Dog 19

Since the Shichon dog can be hyperactive in nature, you should consider using dog treats and toys to regain her attention when training. Treats are best used at the earlier stages of training to reward the animal for complying with behavioral training, and once she is used to the commands, you can stop giving treats. Do not use food treats to reward the animal, such treats can contribute to rapid weight gain and obesity.

7 Tips to Train Your Shichon Dog 20Make Use of Dog Training Pad for Potty Training

Potty training for the Shichon dog can be challenging, but with the use of a training pad, it becomes a lot easier. Pad training works excellently well for the Shichon breed, and you should consider keeping the pad on one spot of the home, especially close to the area where the dog enjoys spending her time. Keep in mind that younger Shichon puppies do have problems holding their bladder hence there may be accidents in the beginning. Perhaps keeping the pads near the door to encourage the dog to go outside to her potty will make things easier for you.

Few Hour of Potty-Training Works Best7 Tips to Train Your Shichon Dog 21

If you are still having difficulty with potty training, especially with the use of pads, then you should consider potty-training your dog by taking her outside every few hours, whether she wants to ease herself or not. Doing this will help the puppy become familiar with the spot she should empty her bladder. You should also consider taking her outside after a nap or a few minutes after eating and before bedtime. You need to add some voice commands to this training to make it easier.

Use Only Convenient Collar and Leashes

Shichon is known to show resistance when they are being held by collars and leashes that are too tight or too short. Make sure you choose an adjustable collar and leash if you want to train your dog effectively, especially outdoors. You may want to opt for a microchip collar with identification so that you can easily track the dog of she goes astray and missing. Micro-chip collars are also good because anyone can find the missing dog and take them to 7 Tips to Train Your Shichon Dog 22the nearest animal shelter or care center where you can be contacted to pick her up.

Adjustable leashes will help you create a healthy distance between you and the dog outdoor, hence you wouldn’t be dragging the animal all the time. With an adjustable leash, your dog will still have some independence when training her outdoors but you will still have full control of her movement.

Spare at least a Day for Agility Training

In addition to giving your dog healthy diets, you should consider giving her agility training to keep her weight in check. Agility training may also be important if you hope to enroll the dog for competitions someday. One of the best agilities training you should consider is the 7 Tips to Train Your Shichon Dog 23jump training where you set obstacles for the dog to jump over and run to the next obstacle and complete a cycle of several jumps.

You will need a leash and voice command to complete these exercises. You should also consider the tunnel training where your dog has to run through a tunnel within a given time. In this case, you need to hold a treat at the other end of the tunnel and call the dog’s name to encourage her to run through and get the treat. These are some of the competitive activities you may likely engage your Shichon into someday.


Irrespective of the type of training you give to your dog, you need to ensure that you stick to some special requirements for the care and training of the Shichon dog. A dog with some medical challenges will not respond positively to certain training, especially the training that stimulates agility and mental alertness. You may have to take the dog for medical checkups on a routine basis. You need to keep the medical records of the dog in case, there is a problem.7 Tips to Train Your Shichon Dog 24

During the medical examination, the dog’s mouth, nose, eyes, anus, and the coat must be examined for any sign of discoloration and discharge. Any discovery or infection must be treated. Since Shichon breeds can be very energetic and active, they enjoy exploring the outdoors it is important to take care of your environment and make sure it is free of bugs, especially ticks and fleas that can cling to the coat of the animal. Make sure you include regular bathing, clipping of the coat and nail-cutting in your regular grooming for the dog. Grooming regularly will reduce the chances of injuries and susceptibility to many infections. No matter how tight your work schedule is, you must find a way of taking care of your Shichon.



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