The best part about owning a home gazebo is that it’s another space for your family to use. Apart from your own bedrooms, the living room, family room, and any other common room in your house, each and every one of you will need a sanctuary of your own. A place where dad can work from home in peace. A shelter for mom to read her book and relax for a bit. A hang-out pad for the teenagers in the family. And a playroom for little ones to have fun in while still being guided. Your home gazebo can become all of these and more!

How Pets Can Enjoy Your Home Gazebo 19

However, there’s another member that can also benefit from your hot tub gazebo: your pets. In fact, our of all of you, pets can have the most fun and will benefit the most with the backyard structure. And here’s a list of a few suggestions you can do to your home gazebo to let your furry friends have more fun in it.

Make It Their Playground

How Pets Can Enjoy Your Home Gazebo 20

Imagine an obstacle course for your pups to take on every afternoon. Or a castle of scratch posts and corners for your feline family pet. And maybe, an enlarged maze for your hamster? The possibilities are endless to crafting your home gazebo into your pet’s own playground. Some options are easy and convertible enough too, like the doggie obstacle course. A few tables here, a tunnel there, and you’re good to go. Other kinds, like the hamster maze, don’t have to take up all of the structure’s space. Just a corner will do, and that will be more than enough for your furry little friend!

Open Up an Animal Spa

How Pets Can Enjoy Your Home Gazebo 21

Who says you can’t earn money and have fun too? There are loads of small business ideas you can use your home gazebo for that can help you earn a lot. One such is opening up an animal spa. Yes, your pets need some pampering too! With all the fun, loyalty, and at times, even protection, that they give you, they deserve to be treated like kings and queen even for an hour or so. And little you might know, your pets can also get as stressed as you do after a long hard day. So relax with them, as well as with other pets in the block, with your own animal spa.

Start a  Pet Grooming Business

How Pets Can Enjoy Your Home Gazebo 22

Similarly, a pet grooming service is a lucrative business venture as well. Imagine how frustrated people in your neighborhood feel whenever they have to wash their pets. And at times, it even messes up their daily schedules. But if you have a lot of free time on your hands, and you’d like to earn a few extra bucks, this is a great use for your home gazebo. Furthermore, when your pets see that other furry little pals are also bathed and groomed to perfection, they might feel less adamant about it. And this is a great bonding activity for the whole family, including your pet, to do during the weekends too.

Transform It into a Pet Nursery

How Pets Can Enjoy Your Home Gazebo 23

Have you taken care of so many animals that you’ve become an expert pet owner? Put your skills to good use by transforming your home gazebo into a pet nursery. Think of it as similar to a kid’s daycare center. Your backyard structure can act as the perfect place for you and other people’s pets to spend the day while they go to work. All of the info that you’ve gathered by taking care of pets all your life will be put to great use here. And furthermore, you can your kids, as well as other kids in the neighborhood, to help too!

Serve Food like in a Pet Restaurant

Admit it, ever since you watch the Disney movie “The Lady and The Tramp,” you’ve always wanted to see two dogs eat a strand of spaghetti together until they kiss. And while your pets might not be as well-behaved during dinnertime as those cartoon animals, you can How Pets Can Enjoy Your Home Gazebo 24always give them a great culinary experience via your pet restaurant. Similarly to other points on this list, this might also work as a lucrative small business venture for you. Serve up the best doggie treats, kitty meals and other foods for other pets so that they won’t have to make a mess in your home (and in their pet-owners’ abodes as well) when they eat.

Transform It into an Animal Boutique

How Pets Can Enjoy Your Home Gazebo 25

And finally, if you want your pet-based business to truly stand out, open up an animal boutique. Get your kids’ old clothes, mostly from when they were babies or toddlers, spruce them up a bit, and then sell them as pet outfits. Imagine the fun times you’ll have with your pets putting on a fashion show within the comforts of your home gazebo. And you never know, your furry fashions might become a hit in the neighborhood! It’s all about being creative and resourceful with your home gazebos. As well as, of course, having fun with your pets!

Make It a Shelter during Bad WeatherHow Pets Can Enjoy Your Home Gazebo 26

Admit it, when it’s raining hard outside, oftentimes your pet’s doghouse isn’t enough of a shelter. But when you put them inside, they might create all sorts of messes that you’ll have to clean up after. A win-win situation for this is to make your home gazebo shelter for your pets during bad weather. When it’s raining hard, you can start a campfire or install a heater in the backyard structure for your furry friends to keep warm. And during the summer, it’s the perfect shaded area to spend a bright sunny afternoon in. It’s a plus if you can install an air conditioner inside too!

Spend Quality Time with Them There

Perhaps the most important thing you should do is to spend quality time with them in your home gazebo. That’s literally all they want. And in your home gazebo, a space they might feel is quite special to you, they’ll feel closer and more loved when you play with them there. At least, in this backyard structure, you’ll have all the space you need to truly have a good time with them.

How Pets Can Enjoy Your Home Gazebo 27

The next time you’re thinking of what to do with your home gazebo, think about your pets. See the possibilities that you can come up with in terms of putting your backyard structure to good use for them. By the end of it, you and your furry little friend would have gotten closer than ever before!




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