Traveling with pets can be a very difficult option for many, it is even more difficult when you have to travel by air. With proper planning, you should be able to avoid all the challenges of traveling with your pets, especially when you consider the following tips and tricks;

7 Tips for Travelling with Pets 15

Make Sure the Pet Meets All Requirements

Airlines do have strict regulations when it comes to bringing your dog into the cabin. In most cases, dogs are always required to stay in their kennels and under the seat located in front of you. If your pet is too big, putting them in kennels and under the seat in front of 7 Tips for Travelling with Pets 16you can be very uncomfortable for them hence you must choose a soft-shell carrier that will fit the size dimension of the pet. You need to keep in mind that some airport authorities may not allow you to put your dog out of their carriers even after passing through security checks.

Make Sure You Bring a Bag Containing Everything Your Dog Needs

Just like a diaper bag for the baby, you need to bring an extra bag for your pet and it should contain the treats, medications, food, poo bags, wipes, and toys. Adding an extra blanket may also be ideal, and the reason being that some airplanes may come with under-seat air conditioning which can become too chilly for the pet.

Line the Carrier of the Pet

7 Tips for Travelling with Pets 17It doesn’t matter how well your pet is potty-trained, it is always important to have an extra layer of absorbent pad tucked in the bottom of the carrier to soak up any accidental pee or poo from the pet. You should add a pad or blanket for the animal to sleep on and to make them comfortable for the entire duration of the trip.

Board as Early as Possible

The best way to travel from Paris to London with your dog may not be through the air but if you can board as early as possible, it will surely be the most pleasurable and convenient travel you will have with them.

You need to keep in mind that flying with a pet will cost extra fees, but you can save significantly by taking advantage of an early boarding choice. Make sure you arrive early and let the flight attendant know you will have a pet on board.

Plan Some Potty Stops and Get the Wiggles Out7 Tips for Travelling with Pets 18

Many airports do offer some potty stops for those flying with their pets. These are points where pets can relieve themselves before boarding an aircraft. The typical potty stop is normally a piece of fake turf that has baggies to clean up the pets after relieving themselves.

In addition to planning potty stops for your pet, you should also consider exercising your little pets before embarking on a flight. You may want to take them on a long walk to deplete some of their energies and keep them calm for the flight.

Have Adequate Plans for Food and Water Schedules Before and During Flight7 Tips for Travelling with Pets 19

If you are planning a morning flight with your dog then it will be wise to skip breakfast and hold back the waters for about 2 hours before you embark on the flight. You need to keep in mind that flying can be very dry and if your flight is just an hour or two, your dog should be fine with little water, if you are on a long flight, then the animal will probably need water some few times, depending on the duration of the flight.

Keeping your pet hydrated throughout the duration of your traveling is very important, and you should consider making plans for their food portions. Traveling can be stressful for you and your pet; hence you don’t want to add more stress by switching their food to something they are not used to. Make sure you pack enough food and water, just in case your travel plans changes.

Consider Your Pet’s Temperament

7 Tips for Travelling with Pets 20If your dog is reacting to a condition that is currently being treated, perhaps it will be better to avoid traveling with them. You may want to complete the treatment of an ailment in your pet before considering traveling with them. Sometimes, pets such as dogs can embark on unnecessary whining and barking, especially when they are anxious, and if your dog is a type that worries a lot, you may want to ask your veterinary doctor for some recommended sedatives or any other calming medication to calm the animal down for some hours.


In addition to the tips and ideas of traveling with a pet mentioned above, it is important to have a vacation packing list for them. Collar, leash or harness must be included on the lists because you need to hang on to your pet while moving from one location to the other. Similarly, health papers such as vaccination records are also important, some airports may not allow your pet to travel with you unless you get their vaccination papers. ID or tags or any other attachable means of identification is also important, just in case the dog gets missing and is eventually found. It is important to include medical needs or first aid kits for your pets, likewise, blankets and covers are necessary especially if you are a person who pays attention to cleanliness.

7 Tips for Travelling with Pets 21

If you are traveling by car, then it is important to bring some safety restraints with you. For instance, you need to include the appropriate tie-downs and restraints to your pet’s crate to keep the loose animal safe and also keep the pet’s crate secured while your car is in motion. The inclusion of toys and treats in your checklist can turn a stressful journey into a peaceful one. You must pack as many toys, treats, and snacks as possible, to keep them occupied and to ensure that they don’t chew other items while on board. Make sure you also consider pet-friendly accommodation and lodging before you embark on traveling.






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