In the modern world, when people do not have to hunt animals to survive, humans live with them under the common roof. They are emotionally attached to their pets, they love pets, they sleep with pets, and they feed pets, and cuddle them. It is said that the dog is man’s best friend. Cats are considered to be a sight for sore eyes for many lonely people. Hamsters, rats, parrots – are all friends for both children and adults. Some people also take pigs to their houses not to make a chop, but to have a soul to speak to. Pets often become family members and are treated in the best way possible. People love sitting in the rocking chair in front of the fireplace and ruffle the cat’s fur while  purring and sleeping on the laps.

For years, science has known that smoking cigarette and consuming cigarettes may cause health damage. In 2003, a Canadian study showed that smokers with the highest exposure to pollutants such as particle pollution, such as the smoke emitted from burning tobacco, had the lowest lung function in four years of life. Researchers also found that a large number of other factors— such as genetic predisposition, diet, and lifestyle—are implicated in the onset of lung disease. Another Canadian study also showed that the health effects of tobacco use are complex, with many factors contributing to it. Smoking remains a problem for centuries around the world. When it is not used for alcohol, the leaves can be used to make incense, tea, oil, or medicine. Though the plant has been used since ancient Egypt (around 600 B.C.) to treat a variety of illnesses, including diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, arthritis and other ailments, even today tobacco still remains one of the dangers of the world.

People still continue to use cigarettes and vape pens, even having been acquainted with the possible health risks connected to tobacco usage. The problem is that they do not put in jeopardy themselves only, but also all the other creatures that are present around them. The adverse effects of secondhand smoking were proved to be more dangerous than the direct usage of a cigarette or a Vapingdaily vape pen. A survey conducted by the University of Cambridge and Oxford University found that second-hand smoke led to increased respiratory symptoms from the skin irritation and the cough. This may be caused by the tar of cigarette, or by the burning of tobacco particles, and leads to further damage to the tissues. A study, conducted in Australia, showed that second-hand smoke caused cancer and other diseases, in addition to the health issues that were linked with smoking a cigarette. Since the study, cigarette smoking has been banned in public places, to eliminate tobacco in public places, in many countries of the world so that people, who do not smoke, are more protected from possible negative effects.

However, the government and people themselves do not think about the pets’ fate. Pets have no choice and inhale the smoke from cigarettes or haze from vape pen if their owner is a smoker.


As the first part of the body, which contacts with smoke during second-hand smoking is a nose, dogs, exposed to second-hand smoking or vaping, might develop nasal cancer. Smoke constricts airways of the pet, and it might result in lung disease. The increased production of mucus is usually observed in the body of a pet, the owner of which smokes or vapes. Dog’s second-hand smoking also affects canine respiratory function. Accumulation of carbon produced during smoking is a trigger of lung cancer for a dog. Even the best vape pen for e-liquid cannot protect your pet from harmful elements that the vapor contains. Being often exposed to the smoke, the dog is under the risk of developing allergic skin disease. Scientists prove that canine heart disease is, in most cases, a result of the dog’s second-hand smoking.


There were comparatively researches on the effect of smoking on cats than on dogs, but even having so little information, we can conclude the main points that should be thought about if you smoke next to your cat. The first serious problem to be told about is cancer of the lymphatic system (or so-called lymphoma). This is one of the most common diseases acquired by cats, which are exposed to smoking. The other, the not less terrifying disease is oral cancer. It is developed the same way as human’s oral cancer when a cat lives next to the smoke all the time. Cats are also re at higher risk of developing lung cancer because of the structure of their body, short expectancy of life, and not such a long nose as dogs have.


Tobacco is used in most of the cigarettes. Besides the tobacco, there are various kinds of cigars of different sizes and shapes, and also a variety of cigars of different brands. The tobacco of the cigarette is different in taste, but the size and shape of the cigarette itself are similar. Some people try to use vape pens because they believe that a vape pen is not as harmful as a cigarette. Vape pens for liquid seem to be an alternative. However, that is a misbelief. A dog or a cat can even die from accidental drinking of the liquid.


If you consume cigarettes or use vape pens, you should remember that by doing this, you put your fluffy wonder at risk of developing severe diseases. Depending on the level of your attachment, you would worry about your pet’s life. However, I believe and hope that people are tender-hearted and merciful. We have so many endangered breeds that it is better to take care of your pet when we still have them!




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