Starting your own pet grooming business can be a very rewarding experience. Not only will you get to take care of amazing animals, but you’ll also get to meet new people and learn about their pets.

If you have the talent to make animals feel safe and look their best afterward, this might be the right career choice for you. And having a job that you love means you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

That’s why in the following article, we’ll present you with a step-by-step guide on opening your first pet grooming business. Let’s get straight to it!

Pet Grooming Business

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Create a Solid Business Plan

A business plan is a document that outlines the goals and objectives of a business, as well as the strategies and methods that will be used to achieve them. It is important to have a business plan in place before starting a new business, as it can help to ensure that the business is viable and that its goals are achievable.

You can create the dog grooming business plan by yourself or hire a professional to help you. After all, big numbers are in the game, and minor mistakes can throw you completely off budget. Not to mention that the business plan is an important tool to attract investors, such as banks or lenders, who will provide you with a loan to get you started. How to Start a Pet Grooming Business: Step-By-Step Guide 5

Decide Where You’ll Set Up Your Business

You have many options when it comes to the location of your business. You can rent a salon, set up a mobile grooming salon, or even work from the comfort of your own home if you have the much-needed space. Keep in mind that you’ll need a space that can be comfortably separated into four different parts: lobby, holding area, bath area, and grooming area. It should be spacious and comfortable.

Working from your own home is the most budget-friendly option rent-wise. But, it has its disadvantages, such as difficulty for growth both in size and staff. Not to mention that the water and electricity bills will be a lot higher than before. Mobile grooming businesses are on the rise, and their only disadvantages are the cost of fuel and occasional faulty equipment.

Get the Legal Documents in Order

The licenses, permits, and insurance mainly depend on the area where you’re located. In general, you’ll need to get your sales tax permit, employer identification number, and occupancy permit. If you work from home, get insured just in case any accidents happen, and if you plan on having a mobile business, make sure your vehicle is also covered.

By getting the legal matters right in the beginning, you’re saving yourself the trouble later on. You can focus on other things, such as getting the right equipment, working on promoting the business, and eventually finding the best employees for the job.

Pet Grooming Business

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Equipment, Tools, Supplies

If you plan on running a pet grooming business, you will be surprised by all the equipment you’ll need. Spoiler alert: it’s not just tubs, tables, and dryers. The final sum can be around several thousand dollars, so make sure you shop around and do your research for the best price possible. A great idea is to find used equipment and buy it second-hand, but look out for any issues related to it.

For starters, you can get one pet-friendly tub, a table, and a high-velocity dryer. Make sure you have all the necessary attachments and equip with muzzles, brushes, combs, dematters, scissors, nail clippers, shampoos and conditioners, and, of course, lots of food and treats. For instance, dogs love peanut butter, so giving them some will keep them occupied and calm for quite some time. 

How to Start a Pet Grooming Business: Step-By-Step Guide 6

Promote Your Pet Grooming Business

Promoting your business is important, especially in the beginning. Luckily for everyone, social media is extremely popular, and you can easily reach your target audience locally. Set up social media profiles, reply to messages, and get your contact info out there.

Many groomers have their websites and YouTube channels, where they share details of their business and everyday life, gathering an audience and potential clients. You can even offer occasional discounts, awards, and giveaways for free grooming treatments, which will bring a bigger crowd to your doorstep.

Bottom Line

If you love pets, then your pet grooming business is already set for success. By having the right approach and strategy in the beginning you’re set for success. Soon enough, you’ll be expanding and looking for a new, bigger place to run your business. Make sure you work with passion and only hire the best groomers that guarantee great service to your small furry friends.