There will be some people who agree with this statement and those who agree 100% with this statement. Those who agree probably have children and a pet. Those who disagree probably don’t have children but either way, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Now, whether you agree or not, you can’t deny the fact that there are certain things that children do and pets do that make you want to put them both in time-out, right? Of course, and that’s what we’re going to talk about.

4 Funny Ways of How Raising a Child is Similar to Raising a Dog 9

From always wanting whatever it is you’re eating to always wanting to get in the bed with you, dogs and children have very similar behaviors whether you want to admit it or not. Just look at the pet industry when it pertains to dogs… Did you know that there are doggie car seats that resemble children car seats? There are cute doggie outfits out now and people are now incorporating their dog in family photos… are you convinced now?

If you’re still not convinced, we’re going to take a closer look at the similarities between dogs and children.

Similarity 1: Whining… No!

A lot of people don’t realize just how smart dogs are. They feel and have emotions just like humans do, especially children. When you’re raising a dog and a child, you’ll get to see just how much alike they both are. One of the big similarities is the whining.

4 Funny Ways of How Raising a Child is Similar to Raising a Dog 10

It’s quite comical once you actually witness whining from your dog and your child! One is whining because they have to go into time-out while the other is whining because they can’t go outside… Can you determine who is whining for which reason? You probably can’t because both dogs and children cry for either of those reasons. Nonetheless, one will eventually get out of time-out and the other will soon be able to go outside. When that happens, the whining will stop.

The Huffington Post suggests that although whining may not be favorable among parents, it’s actually a good thing. Whining is your child’s way of expressing an emotion to you that they can’t verbally express. The same logic applies to dogs too.

Similarity 2: Biting… No!4 Funny Ways of How Raising a Child is Similar to Raising a Dog 11

For dogs, it’s in their nature to bite at times, so it’s to be expected but children… they have tendencies to bite too. Why do children bite? It’s a mystery! Now, the similarity is the biting itself but the difference is the severity of the biting. If a child bites another child or adult, it can be worthy of medical attention but if your dog bites someone it will require medical attention and in serious cases, you may need to seek legal counseling.

Similarity 3: Whatever You’re Eating, They Want Some of It!

Whether you have a dog or children, if either one of them see you sitting down eating a snack or having a meal, they will stare you down to let you know they want whatever it is you’re eating. A dog will either sit in front of you or right beside you and stare you down until you give them some of what you have. They don’t care if it’s good for them or not… they just want some! With kids, they will sit there and either reach for what you’re eating or whine until you give them some.

Similarity 4: They Want to Sleep in Bed With You

This is a bad habit to break with both dogs and kids. The concerning aspect of your children and dog wanting to sleep in the bed with you is the aspect of safety. With children, you don’t want to sleep too hard and risk rolling over on them so it’s always best for them to sleep in their own bed where you know they’ll be safe.4 Funny Ways of How Raising a Child is Similar to Raising a Dog 12

With animals, you also have that small bit of doubt wondering is sleeping with your dog safe as well.  It actually is safe for your dog to sleep in bed with you. There are actually lots of health benefits of having your dog sleep in bed with you but it’s a preference. Some people will allow it and some won’t but the funny part is that both your children and your dog love you so much that they want to be with you wherever you go… even at bedtime!

Are You Convinced Now?

As you can see, there are definitely similarities in raising a dog and a child. Your approach to certain situations is where the difference comes in. There are, of course, obvious differences like when your child has to go to the bathroom, you wouldn’t take them outside… but you would do that for your dog. The point is although there are obvious differences between raising children and a dog, you can’t deny some of those funny similarities.


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