It’s sad to think that our dogs can get sick, but being as prepared as possible is the key to save our pets lives. The sooner we diagnose a disease like cancer, the greater is the likelihood of overcoming it and keeping our animals safe and sound.

Annual visits to the vet are very important, but a year between visits can become too long for a disease as cruel as cancer. Dogs are susceptible to the same types of cancer as we are but the metastasis occurs much faster for them.

No matter how old your dog is, be proactive, looking for symptoms that may indicate cancer. Dr. Kelly Ryan, a veterinarian at Mid-America Animal Medical Center, has uncovered 10 clear signs that all dog owners should be aware of. If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, make an appointment with the vet as soon as possible!

  1. Unusual smellsWell, it is true that canine bad breath is common but if you notice an unpleasant smell coming from your dog’s mouth, nose or rectum, it can be caused by a tumor.
  2. Protuberances on the skin or under the skin
    Take the habit of checking your pet’s skin monthly. Do not forget to look behind the ears and around his face. If you find any spot or lump on the skin, however small, the cancer may spread quickly.
  3. Unusual weight loss
    Unless your pet is on a diet, his body weight should be consistent. If he suddenly loses weight, something is wrong.
  4. Changes of appetite
    If your dog isn’t as interested as usual when it’s time to eat, it may be due to an illness. Many health conditions cause loss of appetite and cancer is one of them.
  5. LethargyLearn to differentiate when your dog is lazy and when he is lethargic. You are the one who knows better your dog’s personality. If he isn’t acting as usual and spends more time sleeping than before, take him to the vet!
  6. Breathing problems
    Dogs can have lung cancer and some of the indicators are: persistent cough, wheezing and shortness of breath after little exercise.
  7. Behavioral changes
    Is your dog normally docile and has been aggressive lately? It could be because of some pain. Pay attention to how your pet walks, eats or plays. If you find that he is grumpy or has a hard time moving, it is time to see the vet.
  8. Open woundsIf your dog has open sores that are late to heal, it may be due to a more serious medical problem and it is time to seek for a professional opinion.
  9. Vomiting and diarrheaIf you notice that your dog is vomiting or has diarrhea, visit the veterinarian. Also check your dog’s abdomen for an inflammation or distension.
  10. Pale gums
    If his gums are very pale, it can indicate blood loss and cancer is one of several diseases associated with this symptom.

Share this essential information with your friends and family! Prevention is the key to save our pets lives!

Source: Hola Wamiz  

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