It’s terrible to find your pet scratching and agonizing over an episode of fleas. Dog and cat fleas are a nuisance because they can terrorize pet owners as well. They feed on the blood of your pet, and they also tend to bite you as well.

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Another reason that makes these creatures pests is that you can’t possibly starve them. They can live without a food source for months before they die out.

In this post, we take a look at how flea shampoo works and what makes it a great way to combat these pesky creatures.

How Does Flea Shampoo Work?

Flea shampoos are just like ordinary pet shampoos as they keep your pet’s coat clean and in excellent condition. However, they contain a safe concoction of a particular insecticide that allows for the proper eradication of fleas on your dog and cat’s coat. They are one of the most effective ways of reducing and eradicating the flea population on your pets.

The usual active ingredients in a flea shampoo solution are pyrethrin or permethrin, which is derived from chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethrin is an organic compound that acts as a pesticide to kill fleas, flies, and mosquitoes.

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Depending on the brand, your pet flea shampoo can kill fleas in their multiple life stages, including eggs in some formulations. Many shampoos kill the insects in all their life stages, which serves as an effective mechanism to break the flea life cycle.

You can check out the different types of flea shampoos that you can use for dogs at Fuzzy Rescue to kill fleas at different stages in their life.

Flea shampoo is rubbed into the coat of the pet just like regular shampoo, avoiding entry into the eyes or the mucous membranes. The difference between this and regular shampoos is that you need to let flea shampoos sit on your pet for about fifteen minutes for maximum efficacy. It is also recommended that you give your dog a weekly shampoo to make sure that all fleas are thoroughly removed.

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For cats, it depends on the level of infestation, but for severe ones, a bath is often needed as prescribed by your vet.

A flea shampoo is also pretty safe to use because its residues are not enough to cause harm to your children if it isn’t properly rinsed off your pet’s coat.


Not All Flea Shampoos Are Made Equal

There are some flea shampoos that also incorporate tick removal. Now, ticks and fleas are different: fleas can transmit tapeworms while ticks are also equally nasty as they transport diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Ticks also affect humans.

If you find that your pet, such as your dog, could have ticks as well as fleas, getting a combination flea and tick shampoo is considered a good idea.

Other flea shampoos also contain a flea prevention solution. As stated earlier, this is a control solution that continues to stay on your pet’s coat, killing fleas at different stages in their life cycle. Some shampoos do this for a week while others can keep this action for a month.

Flea Shampoo in Combination with Other Types of Removal

The problem with flea shampoos is that it will not work if you do not find a solution to get How Does Pet Flea Shampoo Work On Fleas 16rid of the fleas that live in the other areas of your pet’s habitat.

The proper removal and prevention of fleas is a multidimensional process, and shampoos are a vital part of that mix. You have to combine it with other flea treatments for maximum efficacy and your usual first steps are to get rid of the source, such a play area for your pooch or kitten that could be a source for fleas.

Furthermore, it is generally considered a good idea to be able to determine if the flea shampoo that you want to use can be combined with these treatments. However, if you are a new pet owner you should include flea shampoo as one of your basic emergency needs.

The Proper Flea Shampoo for the Condition of Your Pets

Before purchasing your flea shampoo, make sure that you read the labels on the bottle. Consult with your vet if you find that you do not understand something. You also need to consider the condition of your pet. Pregnant, debilitated, and older pets need to be given special attention because they could have different needs.

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For dogs, there is the issue of your pooch having an allergic or adverse reaction with certain flea or tick shampoo. Cats can also experience allergies depending on the medicine. Also, to avoid allergic reactions, do not cross small dog flea products with your bigger cats. Make sure you consult your vet if you are in doubt.


Fleas are an incredible nuisance to have because they can cause your pet extreme agony and can spread to the rest of your other pets, not to mention that fleas can also bite you, as well as cause irritating pain.How Does Pet Flea Shampoo Work On Fleas 18

Using a flea shampoo is an important step, but you have to be able to get rid of fleas in the rest of the places where your pets play in as well.





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