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How to choose a good Veterinary Practice

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I've been contemplating for some time a thread like this would be very useful in assisting owners with the very important but difficult task above. Selecting a new veterinary practice is by no means easy and one that should be undertaken with great care, but nevertheless there are some factors that should be very carefully considered as part of the selection process/decision making with a view to making the best choice.

I'm sure everyone here has some pointers that informed their decisions when for instance they moved area, or became first time pet owners. I believe it would be useful to share these thus enabling us to compile a list of screening criteria that should be considered as guidance during this very important selection process. We also need to look at reasons why you currently attend the practice you use!

I will start with a very general but basic ones! Numerous others..........

1. Asking other owners in the locality for recommendations and especially owners of your own pet species. Some veterinary practices are very good with dogs for instance but the same may not apply to cats!

2. Make an appointment to visit the practice. Make enquiries about a) number of vets employed there and their experience, their diagnostic facilities etc. in particular very basic but often lacking in some practices, blood pressure equipment-vital especially if you've got older animals.

3. Following on from the above, if you've got a cat who has an ongoing illness, making enquiries about how many other cats they are currently successfully treating with the same condition.