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Small Dogs with Good Temperament : How many times did you see a small dog with a bad temper? The funniest part about small breed dogs is that sometimes they are not aware of their size and tend to act like large ferocious dogs. While this can be closely connected to the fact that the owner spoiled the dog and failed to socialize and train it properly, there are small dog breeds that are prone to developing bad tempers.

The Pawinterest.com cute poodle

But, there are small calm dogs that make great companions, especially if you have children in the family. Would you like to meet small puppies with good temperament? Just take a look at the list below and get to know the sweetest small dogs.


 The lovely poodle is one of the best dogs families can get. You will rarely see specimens from this breed that show any sign of bad temper because Mother Nature made these dogs to be calm, smart, patient, and lovable from top to bottom. The poodle is a playful dog and will be a great playmate for your children, but, at the same time, can be a great dog for life in an apartment, as long as it gets its daily walks.Poodle Dog Pet 

Probably one of the best parts of the poodle is that this is the kind of dog that doesn’t shed too much, so you will also eliminate the issues created by dog fur all over your house. Its coat is soft and hypoallergenic, so even if you know that you are sensitive in this matter, owning a poodle will not cause you any issues.


The pug is seen as the clown of the canine world, with its unique-looking face and ability to make you laugh with its mischief. You will rarely hear this dog barking and it is known for loving to relax with its owner, due to the fact that it has a moderate level of activity. This Small Dogs with Good Temperament: They Do Exist! 5doesn’t mean that it won’t like to play, appreciating the companionship of children. Because it is a dog with such a nice temper, it is not difficult at all to train a pug, which makes it a great dog even for those that never owned such a pet before. So, if you are looking for a calm and quiet dog that also has a small size, it is definitely worth checking out the pug.


 The Havanese ended up being so appreciated precisely because it is a lovable dog with a sweet temper. There’s nothing this dog enjoys more than the companionship of its owner. It will love being with you at all times and following you wherever you may go. So, no wonder some nicknamed the Havanese the “Velcro dog”, considering that it will be at your side no matter what. Be careful not to make it too jealous, though. Give it your full attention Small Dogswhenever you can spare a few minutes.

The Havanese is a joyful and happy dog, enjoying a good playtime each time it has the occasion. Thus, if you want a fluffy small dog for your children to adore and play with, have this particular small dog breed in mind. The entire family will benefit from having such a dog as a member.

Bichon Frise

This is another small dog breed that is exceptionally sweet and playful. Still, the Bichon Frise, in comparison with the previously mentioned breeds, will have a slightly more elevated level of energy. In other words, it has what it takes to withstand your children’s Bichon Frise Dog Lying long and exhausting playtime sessions. If you have a backyard or can allow them to spend time in the outdoors, both your kids and dog will have a blast together, running and burning all their energy. Thus, when you return home, everybody will be more than ready to settle down and enjoy a quiet evening.

So, the Bichon Frise can be kept indoors, even in an apartment, due to its small size, but will need to be walked daily. Also, its puffy white coat can be easily maintained if you opt for a puppy cut. It is worth mentioning that this one of those small calm dogs that barely shed, so dog fur won’t be an issue in this case.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu has a reputation for being a Velcro dog because it is challenging for any breed member to leave their owner’s side. They are faithful and loyal, being happy to keep your lap warm while you binge on your favorite show. At the same time, they equally enjoy accompanying you on a hike along a comfortable trail. Some prefer the companionship of one person, but most are pretty happy to be just another member of the family, loving everyone equally.

As dogs go, they are equally friendly with respectful children, strangers, and even other dogs, especially other Shih Tzu dogs. They are not high-energy dogs, so they are perfect for seniors or those who prefer a more sedentary lifestyle. The most remarkable trait of these dogs is their ability to adapt and transform to meet the needs of their owners. Shih Tzu dogs can meet the needs of their family no matter where they live and will do so with love and devotion. They ask in return to be treated as the royal dogs that they were bred to be for over a millennium.

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So, as you can see, there are many small puppies with good temperament to choose from. It is not that hard to find a calm and lovable dog that can turn into your ideal family member and friend, both for you and your children. With a bit of research and knowing precisely what kind of dog you would like, you will easily find the puppy that will bring smiles to your face for very many years to come.