Why are dogs good for our health?

Pet dogs are well-known as the best friends to humans due to having their loving, attractive, fascinating, and endearing nature. Recent research has revealed that having a dog as a companion will help boost energy level, reduce stress anxiety level, serve as a loneliness partner, and provide many other good benefits for health.

Here, we defend our point that having dogs is good for your health for the following principal reasons; so, let’s scroll down.

Why are dogs good for our health

Help you in fitness maintenance

Your body demands two and a half-hour exercise in total per week for proper healthy fitness. If you have a dog, you go with it for hanging purposes to the nearest park to your town. This will automatically let you perform the exercise by walking in the park with your dog. An experimental study shows that walking with your companion (dog) reduces body mass index and helps in maintaining body fitness by keeping you slim and smart.

Stronger Heart Health

Dogs also maintain heart health by lessening BP issues, cholesterol, and triglyceride to the lower level. Your cardiovascular health improves; hence, heart attack chances reduce, showing how dogs are good for our health.

Improve Social lifeWhy are dogs good for our health? 5

Dogs improve your social life by letting you easily interact with different people while walking at the dog park. The scientific study showed that dogs have faster friendships than other people. So, dogs seem to be the perfect animal for making beautiful bonding and enhancing social circling. Furthermore, your personality becomes more adorable while moving with your companion partner in the town park.

Stress Reliever

Dog eases the stress level and relieves the BP level, regulates heart rate, and relaxes muscle tension. Washington State University Scientists say that ten minutes of dog petting play a significant role in maintaining your body cortisol level. So, people having a dog as their best friend are less prone to stress.

Adding meaning to your life

As a person gets older, he feels meaningless as he cannot do a job and is retired. However, in the case of a pet owner, it becomes different as the dog makes his owner busy in different activities. Dogs force the owner to play and do different things that bring happiness to both faces. Further, explore studies on dogs by clicking the link dogs365.com.

Lessen Doctor Visits

People have a pet at the age of 60 or more, having fewer chances to visit doctors than other people with no pet. So, most physicians nowadays recommend having a pet in your home to whom you can play even at the age of 60.

Fighter against many diseases

Some dogs also serve as fighters against many diseases and injuries, and they are appropriately trained in sniffing. Further, dogs soothe Alzheimer’s patients with different relaxing techniques.

Why are dogs good for our health? 6

Besides, dogs provide a long list of services that dogs provide health, including helping in weight loss, competing with depression, and becoming the reason for or happiness by doing different beautiful activities.


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