Here’s How to Get Your Dog Used To A Hair Dryer

How to Get Your Dog Used To A Hair Dryer : Dogs can even hear shallow frequency sounds that are inaudible for us. So at the same time, the noise of certain human appliances are alarming for them. Vibrations of such a high pitch and frequency resonate poorly with the dog’s mental capacity, causing it to act strangely. People who first-time introduce dog hair dryers complain about their dogs’ terrible behavior. Nevertheless, dog hairdryers are designed according to animal hearing and bearing capacity. If you wrongly present them to dogs, it will lead to harmful consequences. To know more about the best dog hair dryers visit Petsem, because they know what’s best for your pets.

Here's How to Get Your Dog Used To A Hair Dryer 7

Moreover, it’s essential to understand that dog hairdryers might appear small to us, but they are like aliens for dogs. The unknown body, the noise, and the high-speed air escaping from hairdryers make dogs feel very nervous. Therefore, to prevent your dog from developing a phobia of hairdryers, it’s time to learn how to get your dog used to a hairdryer.

Why Are Dogs Afraid of Hairdryers?

Every living organism has an in-built tendency to struggle for its survival. For this purpose, organisms rely on their instincts to thrive. Such impulses cause the organism to fight, flee, or hide from danger. So whenever we use some noisy, terrible looking, or unfamiliar objects, our pets are likely to show a gut reaction. It is the primary mechanism why dogs are afraid of hairdryers. Similarly, vacuum cleaners, blenders, and washing machines make such an irritating noise that creates an environmental danger for dogs.

Desensitization Training:

To make your dogs as comfortable and stress-free as possible, introduce unfamiliar objects properly. Moreover, if you have a big canine who has had a bad experience with hairdryers in the past, give them desensitization training. A desensitization training involves exposing dogs to a stimulus at low intensity. Then, gradually increasing the power until the dogs have become accustomed to the stimulation in question.

How to Get Your Dog Used To A Hair Dryer

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Your Dog Accustomed to A Hairdryer:

To learn about the proper introduction of noisy appliances to dogs and desensitization training, follow the below step-by-step guide.

Step# 1 Introduce A Hairdryer to Your Dog

Making your dog familiar with a hairdryer is the first step to calming and relaxing its nerves. For this purpose, put an unplugged hairdryer on the floor or carpet near your dog. Now let your pup observe and sniff this non-living thing. First of all, your dog will stare at this appliance from a distance. Then, it will come near, move around, hit, lick, and sniff it. Naturally, when your adorable puppy does not feel threatened, it will relax a lot.

Step# 2 Turn-on Hairdryer on Low Power

The next step is to accustom your dog to the noise of a hairdryer. A hairdryer at low speed will make less noise than the one running at high velocity. Therefore, turn your hair dryer on low power and hold it in your hand slightly away from your dog. It will help your pup calm in the presence of a running machine. Then, gradually proceed with desensitization by sliding the hairdryer near your dog. Make sure not to make any movement that will threaten your dog.

Step# 3 Angle and Directions to Use

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Try to blow your dog’s hair gently for about 2-3 minutes once it gets used to a hairdryer operating at low speed. Keep in mind not to keep the open end of the hairdryer right in front of your dog’s face. It is because this way you will frighten your pup badly. Begin blowing your pup’s hair from the back and rear limbs, then rotate it to the front. Additionally, blow downwards rather than horizontally straight forwards.

Step# 4 Switch the hairdryer to High Speed

You can use a high-speed hairdryer after your dog has been used to a running hairdryer over multiple sessions. It is because high speed is essential to shorten blowing and drying time. To achieve this, follow the exact directions and angles as before. Again remember not to make sudden moves and fasten the drying process to prevent burning your dog’s skin. High heat exposure for a long can also trigger the stress stimulus.

Reward Your Dog For his Bravery

Dogs are trainable, intelligent, obedient, and brave creatures. They can quickly learn and reinforce what you will teach and train them. Moreover, they can also get motivated when they are rewarded. Therefore, you can give your dog whatever prize it might enjoy, such as a toy, bone, or outdoor game, or even take it to its favorite spot.

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What is the average time for a dog to adapt to hairdryers?

Well, there is no fixed adaptation time for any breed of dog. Each dog requires a different time to reinforce and gets accustomed to an unfamiliar object. A trainer must respect such particular adaption duration while training several pups.

What do I do if my dog still does not want me to use a hairdryer on him?

However, consult a veterinarian if your dog remains frightened and behaves abnormally strange after adequate training. It is because your dog might be mentally or physically unwell. So stop the training session and hurry to visit a vet to prevent further psychological complications.

What is the ideal timing of desensitization training?

Practice desensitization training for about 10-15 minutes daily until your adorable pup becomes friendly to its new grooming tool. You can shorten the training time if your dog usually behaves and gets accustomed early. However, please do not force your dog to learn it all in one day.



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