1. Horses Didn’t Help Build America

horses old photo men

pony express pics wanted

2. Horses Don’t Bring Joy And Delight To Children Everywhere

horse and kid love

cute girl horse pleasure

horse and child

Roy Rogers and Trigger with a Polio Victim in Pittsburgh in the ealy 50s when Polio was Rampant in the U.S. 

3. They Are Not Majestic Creatures

black horse

white horse

4. When The Night Falls

night horses

night horses 2

5. They can’t stand on two legs like a human

horse on two legs

6. They Haven’t Been With Us In Time Of Peace

morning horse sunrise

sunset horse beauty

7. And In Time Of War

War Horses photo

War Horses. Highly trained, and against all their instincts these horses will lay still during a battle. An example of incredible trust and bond between man and animal.

8. Horses Aren’t Excellent Companion Animals

best friends and their horses

cute horse and girl hug

9. They Are Very Aggressive…

horse and dog friendship

We’re not related ~ Just Good Friends…

beautiful horse and dog friends

friends horse dog

10. All in all please avoid these creatures at all cost!!! Horses! Not to be trusted!

cute horse lady photo

horse love photo pics

man horse dog

girl with horse walk awesome

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