French bulldogs are at the height of their popularity, but there are many different French bulldog types. Find out the differences now. We’ve all heard that the Labrador tops the popularity chart when it comes to dog ownership in America. But this statement isn’t true. When it comes to city dwelling, the French bulldog tops the popularity chart. Your Ultimate Guide to the Different French Bulldog Types 15

These playful little dogs are the perfect family addition because they don’t require a ton of exercise, they’re low-bark, and not intense shedders.

Check out these different French bulldog types and find the perfect addition to your family.

FawnYour Ultimate Guide to the Different French Bulldog Types 16

This is one of the more popular colors for the breed. The fawn Frenchies come in a range of cream to light tan colors. Some are even more golden or reddish in hue.

The color is even and smooth throughout their coat. Then you’ll find darker, almost black colors around their mouth, eyes, and ear tips.

PiedYour Ultimate Guide to the Different French Bulldog Types 17

If you’d like an even lighter color, then consider a pied Frenchie. Their coats are a white or eggshell color. Then there’s a dark patch somewhere to give them a one of a kind look. It’s not too common to find a completely white dog with no patches.

There could be more than one dark patch on their coat. But the more common coloring is a single dark patch around an eye.

BrindleYour Ultimate Guide to the Different French Bulldog Types 18

These little guys are another popular color thanks to the detailing in their coats. Brindles have predominantly dark coats that have a splattering of lighter colored hairs mixed throughout. What you end up with is a unique and beautiful marbling effect.

While the entire dog could be this brindle color, it’s more common to see white markings mixed in. A common place for them is on the toes, neck, head, and chest.

Blue/GreyYour Ultimate Guide to the Different French Bulldog Types 19

This is a rare color of the breed, so if you see one, consider yourself lucky! It’s a result of diluted genes on both the mother and father’s side. The dilution of the genes turns the typical black colored into more of a bluish-grey color.

You could find them with solid colored coats or with the brindle patterning throughout. You can find blue merle French bulldog puppies for sale online if you want one of these special dogs for your home.

Rare Types Your Ultimate Guide to the Different French Bulldog Types 20

Since nature is unpredictable, you may find a Frenchie that is one of the super rare types. This includes pure black, true cream, sable, chocolate, black and tan, merle, and lilac.

Some of these colors are caused by a dominant gene but not common occurrences. Others, like the lilac and chocolate, are caused by a recessive gene. This makes them harder to accomplish and even rarer.

All of the Bulldog Types Are Beautiful Your Ultimate Guide to the Different French Bulldog Types 21

No matter which one of these French bulldog types you choose, you’re making a smart choice. These loving and energetic little dogs adapt well to living in limited spaces.

They’ll fit right into family life and provide you with love and companionship.

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