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The French Bulldog; the world most popular breed. So with its huge popularity, it is important that we know how to properly raise and train this cutest of dog breeds.

The Frenchie is famed for its fun, silly, chilled out and happy nature. But what are they like to train? Crazy or compliant, let’s find out…

French Bulldog

Are French Bulldogs easy to train?

The big question right? You want to get a cutie pie Frenchie puppy, but want to make sure that those first weeks are not a nightmare!

Let’s be honest, French Bulldogs can be stubborn when it comes to training. While Frenchies are a loyal, and you may be surprised to hear, an intelligent dog breed, they can The French Bulldog 11be persistent in getting things the way they want. You need to be determined, and resist that sweet, sad little of theirs!

However Frenchies do love to please their owners, especially when they respect them, so training becomes much easier when you establish a strong leadership role early on. Put in the time during the training process and things can go surprisingly smoothly, and the Frenchie can be quicker than the average breed to learn.

How to Train a French Bulldog: The Facts

Step 1 – Socialisation

The French Bulldog as we know is a very friendly breed and can be very loyal to their owner. But this means they could be standoffish to others, so early introduction to other people and dogs is very necessary.

Step 2 – The Crate

One of the first things when arriving home with a French Bulldog is to introduce them to their crate. Crate training is very effective with Frenchies, and is a great way for them to learn; not as punishment, but as a learning tool, esp with potty training. And dogs actually The French Bulldog 12enjoy spending time in their crate; it often becomes their favourite place.

Using a crate is perfect when you are not there. This is important when they are a puppy as they don’t know what is good and bad yet. By keeping your Frenchie in a crate when you are out, it prevents them making a mess, or hurting themselves.

Step 3 – The Commands

Training a French Bulldog puppy to obey simple commands is easier than you think.

Seven simple commands are all you need: TOILET, HEEL, SIT, DOWN, STAY, COME, and QUIET.

These are clear commands that your puppy can learn easily. These commands can be The French Bulldog 13taught with the same technique. Calmly and quietly speak the word in a clear, loud voice while physically guiding your dog towards the behavior desired, such as a gentle nudge on the booty to get them to sit. Then reward your puppy generously when they obey correctly.

It’s important to limit your lessons to short, five – ten minute periods. French Bulldogs don’t have much attention span or patience, so longer lessons will only bore them. Then patiently repeat the lessons 3-5 times a day when your puppy is relaxed, fed, and calm.

How to Potty Train a French Bulldog

Luckily, the French bulldog is a clean breed that tend to avoids accidents, so consistent training should have yours eliminating solely outside in a matter of weeks.

It is important to remember that toilet training is not always easy, it does not happen overnight. It can take a week for some, and many weeks for others. Be patient, as a Frenchie in a new home may not be sure where to go, even ones that have been brought up mostly outsides at the breeders may think your rug or doormat equals an outside poopy The French Bulldog 14place!

Rule 1 – Consistency

When toilet training your Frenchie, stick to a schedule, and at the start – go often. And by often, I mean every hour or two minimum! And at least in the first few months of a puppy’s life, every couple of hours can mean at night too, as there can be accidents then.

Rule 2When you take them outside, you want to take them to an area of your garden, or the street, that you would like to designate as the toilet area, and then wait for the moment to happen.

Rule 3Always give encouragement. If your Frenchie is still a puppy, they will probably go shortly after you put them in the toilet area. When they finally squat and go, you must immediately give them huge praise. Make a fuss, big pats on the head, lots of cuddles. And immediately take them back inside.

Important point – Don’t get frustrated by accidents – or punish your pup, it will only make learning harder.

Let’s Leash Train a French Bulldog

Telling all dogs they can’t have the freedom to run around wherever they want is hard, and with a fun loving and lively French Bulldog that is especially true. French Bulldogs , though, are often very obedient and good-natured, so training them to walk on a leash can be much easier than with some other breeds.

The French Bulldog 15Frenchies puppies are very often fast learners, so you could see results in just a couple of weeks. If your Bulldog is particularly stubborn then you may need to devote around six weeks to training.

A short, training leash is ideal. And because Frenchies have a sensitive throat, you may also want to use a body harness. This will also increase your control while reducing strain around the pups neck.

Top tip – Start indoors and make it a fun game in short bursts. Always give treats when walking well. Then move outdoors, starting right outside your home, and going further, and further afield.

So before you go out and find your perfect French Bulldog – be ready for the worst! Only joking, you can now start your searching knowing that which a little effort and persistence the French Bulldog can be a fairly smooth and quick to learn pup that will bring a lot of future happiness to your home.




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