Have you noticed the swell in popularity of French bulldogs recently? Take a look at how the humble, small French Bulldog became so popular.Who can resist the adorable face and sweet personality of a French Bulldog? The United States and beyond (and especially the Internet) have been taken by storm by these precious bat-eared cuties.How Did the Small French Bulldog Take America by Storm? 15

According to the American Kennel Club, the French Bulldog is ranked the 4th most popular breed of 2018. French Bulldogs have risen from the 76th spot in just two decades.

So what’s the cause of all this Frenchie madness? There are many reasons the small French Bulldog has become the loveable companion of so many pet owners. Read on to learn more about French Bulldogs and their rise to fame.

Why Is the Small French Bulldog so Popular?How Did the Small French Bulldog Take America by Storm? 16

Not only was the French Bulldog the 4th most popular breed of 2018, but Frenchies held that spot for 2017 as well. They’re also the only small dog breed to make the top 5 for those years. Here are just a few reasons people have fallen in love with French Bulldogs.

They’re Famous

French Bulldogs can be seen all over TV and Instagram. Many celebrities own French Bulldogs and have taken to social media to post adorable photos and proclaim their Frenchie pride. Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman, and Hilary Duff are just a few stars with French Bulldogs for companions.

They’re Great for Apartment Living

With more people than ever living in apartments and urban areas, compact dogs are becoming a more popular choice. French Bulldogs do very well in small homes. In fact, French Bulldogs are the most popular breed in many cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

French Bulldogs are generally quiet dogs that don’t bark much, something your neighbors will appreciate. They’re also outgoing and friendly, so you won’t need to worry about them getting too overwhelmed or standoffish on crowded city streets.

Since they don’t need a ton of exercise, Frenchies won’t mind if you don’t have a yard to run around in. They’ll be okay with short walks around the block.

They’re so SweetHow Did the Small French Bulldog Take America by Storm? 17

If you’re looking for an affectionate and loyal companion, French Bulldogs can’t be beat. They’re playful, intelligent, and have a ton of personality.

Frenchies are great family dogs. They get along well with children and other animals. The French Bulldog temperament can best be described as easygoing and friendly to all.

They’re Easy to Groom

French Bulldogs have very short coats, so they don’t require much grooming. Occasional baths and brushing, as well as regular nail trimming, is all it takes to keep a Frenchie looking squeaky clean.

Like other flat-faced breeds, French Bulldogs have facial folds. These folds need to stay clean in order to prevent infections and skin issues. A simple wipe-down with warm water or a baby wipe should do the trick.

They Aim to PleaseHow Did the Small French Bulldog Take America by Storm? 18

French Bulldogs are super loyal. They love to make their owners happy. They’re also very intelligent, which makes them fairly easy to train.

Frenchies have big personalities, and that can sometimes mean they like to be stubborn. With consistent positive training, however, they come around pretty quickly.

Thinking of Getting a French Bulldog?

While French Bulldogs make great pets, they aren’t suited for every home. Here are some important things to know about the realities of caring for a French Bulldog.

They May Experience Some Health Concerns

While Frenchies are often healthy dogs, all breeds with flat faces are susceptible to breathing problems. This is because their airway is naturally smaller and can more easily become restricted.

For this reason, French Bulldogs don’t do well in hot and humid climates. They can become overheated easily because it’s so difficult for them to breathe and regulate their body temperature. Heatstroke can be fatal to French Bulldogs. How Did the Small French Bulldog Take America by Storm? 19

French Bulldogs need to have their exercise and diet closely monitored. They’re prone to obesity, which can worsen their other health problems. Regular moderate exercise is important for keeping them in good shape, but Frenchies can easily become overexerted.

French Bulldogs are commonly affected by other health problems too. This includes hip dysplasia, eye problems, and skin issues. While many of these health issues can be prevented or managed, vet care to keep these dogs healthy can add up quickly.

They’re an InvestmentHow Did the Small French Bulldog Take America by Storm? 20

A lot of care goes into breeding healthy French Bulldogs. Because of the health risks involved in their breeding, the French Bulldog price is often higher than people expect.

A reputable breeder will need to provide a lot of prenatal care to mothers to make sure they have a healthy pregnancy. Because of their many possible health issues, regular vet screenings are usually required.

Cesarean section births are very common in French Bulldogs because of their large heads and narrow pelvises. This procedure drives the price up even further.

Although they may be expensive, a pricey puppy is actually a good sign. It shows that the breeder likely took good care of the litter to make sure the puppies and mother are healthy.

When a certain breed of dog becomes popular, it can lead to breeders looking to make a quick buck. They may engage in unsafe breeding practices that can be harmful to the puppies, mothers, and the breed as a whole.

Before you decide to purchase a French Bulldog puppy, be sure to do your research. Find a reputable breeder and steer clear of puppy mills. This will help ensure you end up with a healthy, happy puppy that will be a loving companion for years to come.

A Little Dog With a Lot to LoveHow Did the Small French Bulldog Take America by Storm? 21

French Bulldogs have become popular because of their adorable looks and affectionate disposition. Frenchies pack a ton of personality into a pint-sized package.

If you’re thinking of adding a small French Bulldog to your home, it’s important to be prepared for possible health concerns. You’ll want to find a good breeder to make sure you get a healthy puppy.

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