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On 21st June 2019, people who own and love pets were in high spirits because it was Pet Sitters International Take Your Dog To Work Day or TYDTWD. Pet Sitters International set this day apart to help celebrate dogs because they are great companions as well as encourage more people to adopt dogs.Many people in the world share incredible stories with their dogs and thus support the idea of bringing pets to work. Should Animals Be Allowed In Workplace?Should Animals Be Allowed In Workplace? 1

Many people in the world share incredible stories with their dogs and thus support the idea of bringing pets to work. Some platforms like resume writing services online encourage their employees to bring their pets to work because they help enhance employees’ performance. However, this article shows that others have credible reservations on the issue of allowing pets in the workplace.

Pets help reduce stress

When people are happy, stress is not a factor. Well, pets make people happy, and therefore, they help reduce people’s stress levels. In life, it is almost impossible to skip stress. So, often, people try to distract themselves by either traveling, swimming, or meeting friends. Should Animals Be Allowed In Workplace? 2Others love pets and are comfortable being alone with their pets. While talking about or walking their pets, these people appear happy and stress-free. Bringing the same attitude to work can be an advantage to any employer or manager. No employer or manager will trade a stress-free workforce with a stress-laden workforce. So, it does make business sense to allow employees to come with their dogs in the workplace.

Some people are allergic to animals

While deciding to allow people to come with their dogs at work, it is crucial to consider the individuals who are allergic to animals. For the sake of inclusivity in the workplace, it is important to ensure that every decision management makes, is not detrimental to the Should Animals Be Allowed In Workplace? 3health and performance of some employees. Cody Rhodes a learning specialist at essay zoo that when some people come in contact with dogs, for example, their eyes become watery, and they experience partial blindness. Others cannot breathe or need to have their asthma medication close by whenever they are around animals. Some also have their faces swell up, and this necessitates hospitalization. So, while deciding to allow pets at work, it is crucial to consider this group or else performance will decline in a major way.

Pets help promote positive social interactions

Should Animals Be Allowed In Workplace? 4

While in the workplace, employees need things that will bring about a sense of togetherness. In some organizations, team building exercises are common to help promote unity and positive social interactions in the workplace. When people have something in common, it is easy to enhance social interaction in the workplace. Many people love pets, and this helps to create camaraderie in the workplace. Colleagues can have something to talk about and even share ideas on how to best look after their pets. So, in the end, it may not be a bad idea to allow pets in the workplace.

Pets increase the performance of employees

Every single year, managers look for ways they can enhance the performance of their employees. Many, however, come to realize that it is a challenging endeavor. But, those who study and document personal information about their employees find it easy to boost Should Animals Be Allowed In Workplace? 5morale and in the end, enhance performance. Through their studies, these managers know the benefits of having a dog and thus allow their employees to bring their pets to work. Employees also enjoy their time at work while with their pets and do not worry about getting home early. For example, those who work for resume writing services online platforms will afford to work for longer hours and finish up on any pending resumes.

Dogs can run away

Not all dogs are the same. Some are wild, and others are calm thus offering their owners room to concentrate on their tasks at work. For the wild ones, it becomes problematic to Many people in the world share incredible stories with their dogs and thus support the idea of bringing pets to work. Should Animals Be Allowed In Workplacefathom the idea of working full time with a dog. These dogs cause havoc and some are also not friendly to other people. Even though workplaces today are less formal, there are conducive and unconducive working environments. An environment where dogs are running wild and barking is not one that enhances performance or boosts morale. So, even as you look for jobs that allow pets, avoid the idea of coming with your pet to work if it will make people uncomfortable. 

Some people are afraid of dogs

Not all people love dogs and want to pet them. People have different experiences with dogs, and these experiences form lasting opinions. Others are afraid of dogs and cannot stand the sight of one being close to them or in their working environment. So, even as you consider the idea of taking dog to work, remember that not everyone will be happy with this decision. EduJungles advises people to speak to their colleagues and learn whether it is okay for them to bring their pets to work. Bringing your pet to work may work to your advantage. However, it should not be a hindrance to someone else.

Should Animals Be Allowed In Workplace? 6Pets help save employees money at work

Well, this is a unique advantage, but this fact does not make it any less accurate. Office pets do help their owners save money. Today, the exaggeration of prices for even the simplest of things is uncanny. People pay a lot of money for minor things, and those trying to cut down on their expenditure find the idea of taking their dogs to work lucrative. Research from pet daycare organizations reveals that the average cost of pet daycare is between $12 and $38 per day. In a month, one spends any amount between $300 to $800 Should Animals Be Allowed In Workplace? 7because it is cheaper to pay monthly than daily. Now, allowing employees to come to work with their pets helps them avoid such costs. To some employees, this is a lifeline because it helps them spend time with their friends as well as cut down on daily costs that eat into their salary.

In conclusion, it is crucial that managers allow their employees to bring their pets to work. There are people who are allergic to pets, others who see pets as a distraction, and those who are afraid of dogs. However, managers should find ways to work around these people while paying attention to the notion of inclusivity. For example, managers can make it a requirement that those who want to bring dogs make sure their dogs are calm and thus not a distraction for others. There are people and organizations that sell best dogs for people who work. These are platforms that can be of great help to dog lovers to help ensure the working environment is not unconducive. Managers can also set aside particular days of the week when people can bring their dogs to work to help cater for everyone.



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