Healthy food, enough sleep and sufficient exercise is important for both you and your pet in order to lead a healthy life. It is important to understand that leading a healthy life is not possible without at least some form of physical activity. In fact, it is recommended that your furry friend should receive a minimum of thirty minutes of rigorous exercise along with an hour of physical activity daily. As a loving dog owner it is your job to make this happen. Also, what about those extra pounds that you put on in the past couple of months?

Why It Is a Great Idea to Have Your Dog as a Workout Partner 9

Managing your own exercise regime and then making sure that your dog receives enough exercise can be very hectic. Hiring a dog walker will cost you extra dollars, which can be spent elsewhere. Why not just create a workout routine that benefits both you and your pet? A dog are not just a man’s best friend, it can also be a great workout partner if you know how to execute your exercise routine effectively.

Benefits of working out with your dog:Why It Is a Great Idea to Have Your Dog as a Workout Partner 10

  • It will improve the physical health of both you and your dog by countering obesity, improving blood circulation, decreasing the risk of heart disease and more.
  • It will improve the mental health of both you and your pet as exercise is known to stimulate the release of endorphins and other hormones, which increase happiness, reduce stress and counter depression.
  • It will improve the bond between you and your pet as you will not only be spending more time together but it can also act as an opportunity for you to work on your pet’s behavior and obedience.
  • It will keep you motivated as dogs are little balls of energy that love exercise and have a way of getting their owner to chase after them.
  • It will be safer for you to work out with your dog than it is to work out alone. Dogs can immediately sense when there is something wrong or if their owners are in any sort of danger. In case you have a workout accident or medical emergency, you loyal pet is bound to alert someone.
  • It will be cheaper than getting a gym membership for yourself and paying a dog walker to exercise your pet.


Aside from these handful of benefits, there are many more reasons why it is a great idea to start exercising with your pet. On the other hand, having a human workout companion might make you suffer more. Dogs don’t cancel on plans, nor do they complain. Dogs are much more reliable companions than most humans.


What activities you can do together:

There are a number of ideas you will come across on the internet which you can take inspiration from for your workout routine. You will find a number of activities you can do Why It Is a Great Idea to Have Your Dog as a Workout Partner 11with your pet, like turning exercises into games, and even classes that you can join together. However, don’t be intimidated with all the ideas you find online. We compiled a list of some common activities you can do with your furry workout partner to save you from an information overload and confusion.


  • Go on a hike or go on nature walks to get fresh air, clear your mind, bask in the beauty of nature and get light exercise
  • Try brisk walking or jogging but be sure that you two can maintain the same pace so no one is dragging the other
  • Play catch to help tone your arms while your dog runs around having fun
  • Going for a swim will not only help you burn some fat and allow your dog to have much needed exercise, but it will also allow you to polish your swimming skills

Why It Is a Great Idea to Have Your Dog as a Workout Partner 12

Developing a workout routine might initially sound like a hard task, and it could even turn into a tug of war or a total disaster if you have an untrained dog. However, once you and your dog get the hang of it, it will become a fun set of activities that you both can do together.