If you have considered adopting a puppy or kitten, that may be the best decision for your career. Professor Paul Zak from the University of California says that it’s fun and give a very nice feeling to have dogs in the workplace and it definitely increases productivity and profits.


5 Reasons Why Having A Pet Can Increase Your Productivity 15


A study was also conducted to compare workers that have pets and those that don’t have any pets to see who was happier about their work and more productive. A research by the University of Southern California also contended that bringing pets at work does improve productivity. How does this happen?

What effect does owning a pet have?

Have you ever felt that feeling of returning home from a stressful day at work, and find your furry little buddy wagging his tail for you? That feeling tells you that you have been 5 Reasons Why Having A Pet Can Increase Your Productivity 16worried sick about your pet and that you are happy it is safe when you return home.

That worry you have may bug you all day at work and make you inept during the day. This is the reason why the professor and university quoted above encourage a policy that allows workers to bring their pets at work.


There are 5 reasons why this happens:

  1. Having a pet makes you happier

If you throw a ball, your dog will fetch it if you tell it to sit it will sit and if you want to take it for a walk, it will not refuse. Pets take your orders with no questions asked and that makes you happy because we all like being listened to.

5 Reasons Why Having A Pet Can Increase Your Productivity 17

When your mood starts being lifted by this, it will start projecting on how you cooperate with your colleagues and it will also show on your work output.

  1. Petting your animal reduces stress

Physiological reactions affect our psychological and cognitive functions and petting your animal has some fun physiological reactions which reduce stress. As you pet your dog, what does it do? Doesn’t it twist and turn and wag its tail? And as you feel that cheerful movement don’t you sometimes smile or even laugh at your dog?

This proves the reality of how petting your dog reduces your stress. Sometimes, the work that you do does not allow you to enjoy with the pet as it takes a lot of your time. For example, if you are a content writer or a student working on some research writing project, you won’t have time to play with your pet. To free up some time, use a to get your writing projects done.

  1. Taking your pet to bathroom breaks helps you refocus

Your pet needs bathroom breaks and this gives you the opportunity to take that little break to refocus and refresh yourself. Taking these breaks may seem inefficient and time-5 Reasons Why Having A Pet Can Increase Your Productivity 18consuming if you do not look at the bigger picture.

The truth is you or your workers need a break to refresh and reset their minds and these little breaks serve the purpose of the greater good of the company and further its interests.



  1. The mood of your pet reflects on you

You can’t frown if you have a smiling face in front of you and pets are always game to put you in a happy mood. By having a pet, you get a chance to have a friend who is never stressed and who also doesn’t get on your nerves.

Your constant high spirits will help other workers also be in a good mood. Happy employees 5 Reasons Why Having A Pet Can Increase Your Productivity 19are unlikely to skip work due to frivolous matters and this adds a lot of chips in the company’s coffers.

  1. Owning a pet increases the sense of responsibility

Feeling responsible is a trait that makes you feel accountable for the results. For example, if your pet doesn’t eat on time, you feel personally responsible and that mental disposition 5 Reasons Why Having A Pet Can Increase Your Productivity 20carries on to your workspace.

If the company doesn’t reach its target you will feel responsible for that and you will then work harder the following time and your example may be followed by other colleagues.

Take precautions before you approve a “bring your pet to work†policy

If you are an employer, you should take precautions before you approve a policy that allows workers to bring their pets to work. Bearing in mind that some employees may not like animals and they may be startled by them which will create a stressful environment for them.

An open conversation on the matter will be beneficial as you will get to hear the opinion of your workers on the matter. For those who work at home or in remote locations, they are free to consider adopting or buying a pet to increase their productivity if their circumstances permit. It’s easy to have a dog and work without disturbance when you work from home if you follow some easy tips.

5 Reasons Why Having A Pet Can Increase Your Productivity 21

To maintain order in your office, you can also allow one pet per day, so they don’t get into territorial wars and disturb your workspace. A dog is recommended for an office pet because they are the friendliest animals and they have a sanguine temperament mood but they can still be loud when they see another dog.


Remember to show compassion to your pets or office pet to build that everlasting bond. When you see those furry little buddies at your office, play with them and befriend their owners to maximize teamwork which directly effects your productivity in a positive way. They have their own way of contributing to your work so why let it go.




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