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Things to Consider Before Buying Cage for Your Pet.

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Some of the pets that live in cages include: rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and dogs. Pets need also to have a home, when they are not with their owners they also need some time off or some private space.

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Some of the things that one has to have in mind before buying a cage for his/her pet are:

Type of Pet

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Different kinds of pets have different types of cages specifically suited for them. It is obvious that one will know the kind of pet that they have. A rabbit’s cage is totally different from that of a dog, so before buying, get to know the difference in types of cages and then choose the best for your type of pet.

Pet Personality

This may seem less important, but it’s not. Some pets, for instance dogs and guinea pigs may become more aggressive as they grow older. If their cages are not that strong, the pets can knock them down. Such pets should have strong and durable cages to avoid this. If your pet is really aggressive, you may consider having a unique custom-made cage for it.

Home Space

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The size of the cage should not be too big if you have a tiny compound or space in your home. If you have a large space, you then consider buying the size that feels best for you and your pet. It should also be known that pets don’t like being confined in a tiny space; they will need some space to move and play about.

Quality of the Cage

Yes, your pet may be that aggressive to ruin the cage but at times buying a cage that is not of good quality may lead to ruin of the cage. It is nice to have something that gives you value for your money. Make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the cage before buying.  For example one can buy them at the best online pet enclosure store australia.


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One needs to also consider his/her budget, if you but a cage which is beyond your means, you will end up broke and you might not be able to cater for your pet’s other needs, or even your own. Stick to your budget, and don’t buy a cage of poor quality saying you can’t afford a good one; cages need not be that expensive in the first place.


If you really don’t have money, you should take advantage of the season of offers. Some stores have really great offers on cages and other pet products. Such offers may not last for long, so one needs to be updated from time to time.

Other things to consider are the age of the pet and the number of the said pet you have. It is usually advisable to buy a bigger cage even if the pet is small, this is because as time goes by, the pet will grow and it will occupy more space.

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If you have more than one pet, then you might need to have more cages especially if you have big and small pets together, they might need to be separated.  When you go shopping make sure to pass by the best online pet enclosure store Australia.