Cute Baby Puppy Gets Bath in the Sink  


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01/10/2017 6:44 am  

Some dogs hate baths, but this tiny little puppy seems to be totally enjoying his bath in the sink. He is laying on his back in the hand of someone and just letting the warm water cascade all over his cute little belly. He never moves out of the way or tries to get out of the stream of water. He just keeps laying there with his eyes closed and enjoying the stream of water. There isn’t any soap involved in his bath, but he is getting a rubdown and washed off just the same.
Maybe it is an orphan pup that has no mom dog to wash him off, we don’t really know. But whatever the case this pup is so relaxed and serene that it makes you want to join him if you could. Maybe he is first in line and his siblings are also going to get a bath, but if so, he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to give up his time in this bath. It is easy to give this tiny puppy a bath, unlike bigger dogs that hate baths. SHARE this pup’s enjoyment of a bath with everyone.

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07/02/2018 5:22 pm  

Trying to get your dog to take a bath is no easy feat—whether he or she tries to escape, or just wants to jump on you while in the tub, you sometimes end up wet and exhausted. But for this little pup, bath time is pure happiness. As he lays back under the cool stream of water, he basically looks like everything that's right in the world. The sweet baby is so relaxed that he almost falls asleep!