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A Cat & A Dog, Two Impossible Couple  


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10/08/2017 6:29 am  

A Cat & A Dog, Two Impossible Couple

What in the world were they thinking getting entangled in a relationship? Can a dog and cat live together as one?

It baffles my imagination seeing this lovely cute adult mingle, according to this footage. A cat and dog are doing the impossible. Who would have believed it without proof?

From the video clip, one can also notice them sleeping well together on the same bed. Eat and virtually do everything together as a couple.

More so, one can see how they easily share quality time with each other every morning. Oh! How they just cuddle like the lovebirds they are. Who said and used the notion of cats and dogs as an arch enemy needs to revisit that expression.

Imagine the cat kissing the dog after saying good morning to each other. Also, look at the way the cat relaxes on the dog knowing that she is in safe hands.

Most times, love is found in the wrong places.

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