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How Do You Become a Veterinarian?  


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If you enjoy working with animals, perhaps you're considering the possibility of pursuing a career as a removed link Want to learn more about how to get started on this career path? Read on for an explanation of how to become a veterinarian in the USA and removed link

Veterinary Careers in the United States

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Veterinarians in the USA receive <a href=" removed link ">training that is as rigorous as the training a physician receives in medical removed link To <a href=" removed link ">become a veterinarian, you must first earn a bachelor's degree in a related field such as animal science, biology or removed link Then you'll have to obtain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine removed link

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To become licensed as veterinarians, candidates in every state must all pass a federal removed link Many state governments also require that veterinarians practicing in their state must pass a test demonstrating their knowledge of the region's legal requirements regarding the business of veterinary removed link Some veterinarians also choose to become board certified in one of 40 different <a href=" removed link ">specialized areas of veterinary medical removed link


Because the United States only has 30 accredited schools of veterinary medicine at present, there is significant demand for the relatively few available seats in veterinary removed link The veterinary schools have their pick of candidates, and they can afford to be removed link


If you want to become a veterinarian in the USA, it is wise to begin your preparations when you are still in high removed link Load up on all the rigorous math and science courses you can removed link Join a 4-H removed link Volunteer at your local humane society or get a summer job assisting a veterinarian in your removed link The American Veterinary Medical Foundation has more helpful tips and advice on the topic of <a href=" removed link ">getting admitted to veterinary school.

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If you aren't successful in your application to veterinary school, an alternative to consider is a career as a <a href=" removed link ">veterinary technologist. This career path requires a two-year associate's degree or four-year bachelor's removed link After you gain some work experience as a veterinary technologist, you could later re-apply to veterinary school if you still want to become a removed link After having obtained such relevant credentials, your chances for acceptance would be quite likely to removed link

Veterinary and Animal Science Careers in Australia

In Australia, you have the options to become either a <a href=" removed link ">veterinarian or a <a href=" removed link ">veterinary nurse. According to the <a href=" removed link ">Australian Veterinary Association, there are only 7 Australian universities that offer veterinary science degree removed link As in the USA, veterinarians have more time and resources invested in their removed link To become a veterinarian in Australia, the required coursework typically takes 5-6 years for removed link

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In contrast, veterinary nurses typically only have 2-3 years invested in their removed link As a result, veterinarians generally earn higher salaries than veterinary nurses removed link


Australian academic institutions typically include veterinary nursing certification programs in their catalogs of Vocational Education and Training (VET) removed link Students enrolled in these programs may be eligible for student loans under a relatively recent program that replaced the former scheme for <a href=" removed link ">VET fee help courses. Most practicing veterinary nurses in Australia have obtained a VET removed link

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Now you're updated on how to become a veterinarian in both the United States and removed link If you want to pursue a veterinary career, it will take much hard work to achieve your goal no matter where you decide to practice; but if animal welfare is a primary concern of yours, a veterinary career might be the right one for removed link