Tips for Maintaining Your Aquarium

Aquariums can be a good way to improve the way your home looks. Or it could be something to keep yourself occupied with if you like fish and marine life in general.

Tips for Maintaining Your Aquarium 1

While the idea sounds appealing, one has to understand that there are quite a few things that you will need to take care of in order to maintain everything in check.

The tips below will be of great use to everyone who is thinking about getting an aquarium. Making your decision will be much easier after reading them.

Adequate Temperature

This piece of advice is definitely one of the most important of the bunch. You should never install aquariums in a place, easily reachable by the sun. What you want is a maintenance system that will take care of everything itself.

Tips for Maintaining Your Aquarium 2

Drastic changes in temperature will more than likely kill your whole family of fish. You can find plenty of information on the internet about the best aquarium heaters for tank owners

Finally, keep in mind that certain types of creatures will not survive in the same conditions as others. Temperature is important but so is the understanding of whether someone is capable of living together with already established group critters.


Tips for Maintaining Your Aquarium 3

When you are purchasing an aquarium, it is much better to do so in a local store rather than ordering on the internet. Mainly because it gives an opportunity to talk about various issues that may arise, including the acclimation process.

Speak with a clerk about the chemistry side of things and when you return home, test your water and adjust necessary levels of pH, ammonia, nitrate, etc.

Float the Fish

It is most likely that you will be getting your fish in a sealed bag. Instead of simply throwing them in, give them time to get used to their new home. Float the sealed bag in the aquarium for 20 minutes or so. Once 20 minutes pass, open the bag and add a quarter of a cup of aquarium water inside the bag.

Tips for Maintaining Your Aquarium 4

Repeat this process with an interval of 5 minutes until the bag is full of water. Fish willacclimate themselves because there will not be as much temperature and chemistry fluctuation.

Once the bag is full, open it and slowly pour contents in the aquarium. Your fish are now able to enjoy their new home sweet home.


Tips for Maintaining Your Aquarium 5Putting too many fish in the same tank can lead to a lack of oxygen, fatalities, too much waste, and so on. Once you buy the aquarium, make sure that there is enough roaming space for your fish. 

Different Types of Fish

You can build customer aquariums if you put enough research into it. Who knows, it might become your favorite hobby. As there are all sorts of fish, you will never run out of ideas. 



Tips for Maintaining Your Aquarium 6Fish live in the water and if you do not guarantee the best conditions, they are going to eventually die, like we would without oxygen. You will likely use tap water and depending on where you live, it could be filled with various properties that need to be properly balanced.

You can find plenty of dechlorinating and other biological supplements on the internet or at your local pet store. They do not cost that much and are sold for a good reason.

Maintain pH LevelsTips for Maintaining Your Aquarium 7

Most freshwater fish are comfortable at between 6.5 to 7.7 pH levels. Of course, a lot depends on the species, but the fish you buy come with instructions and it is crucial to not miss out on such information.

Checking pH levels in your aquarium is easy. All you need is a pH test kit. Also, keep in mind that pH fluctuates so regularly checking on it is good advice to follow.

Replacing Water

Tips for Maintaining Your Aquarium 8

It is impossible to say how frequently you are supposed to change the water, but most books and other guides suggest that at least 30 percent of the water should be replaced every month or so.

Nobody will argue that fish enjoy living in clean water, and if you change it more often, you will have fewer problems with cleaning the aquarium.


Tips for Maintaining Your Aquarium 9Do not neglect the duty to clean the inside and the outside of your aquarium. It might not be the most interesting task in the world, but it should still be something to get over with. There is no one who likes the look of a dirty aquarium and let’s not forget about the feelings of your fish.

You should have a general idea of what it is like to maintain an aquarium now. Since this article covers every crucial point it should be much easier to decide whether you are still up for buying one yourself. 


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