5 Key Tips to Keep Your Freshwater Fish Happy and Healthy

Freshwater fresh need more than just food to stay happy and healthy. Keep reading for 5 key tips to keep your freshwater fish happy and healthy.

Are you getting into the art of fish keeping?

Congratulations. You’re about to embark on an exciting journey.

You aren’t only getting new companions, either. Keeping fish has several other benefits that make it worthwhile.

 tips to keep your freshwater fish happy and healthy.

The question is, how do you take care of your new pets?

There are several ways you can keep your fish happy and healthy.

Follow the five tips below to give your freshwater pet fish the best care.

  1. Maintain the Water Chemistry

Fish need a specific type of water to live in. If you don’t give this to them, they will have a hard time staying alive.

5 Key Tips to Keep Your Freshwater Fish Happy and Healthy 7Different fish require different water chemistries, so research your the fish you want so you can provide the proper environment for your fish.

This also means you need to be careful with your fish selection. Some fish won’t be able to live together because of their different water requirements.

  1. Change the Water

The amount you need to change your tank water will depend on the fish you buy.

Each of them will have a different effect on the water, so the time it takes to get dirty can vary. If you allow water to sit for too long, it can cause disease to form in the tank.

This is because waste byproducts build up over time. Water changes will remove these from the tank.

  1. Keep Things Clean

Changing out your water isn’t enough to keep your tank clean. You will also need to clean the inside of the tank regularly.

Gravel is a common spot for unwanted materials in your tank. You can use a gravel vacuum 5 Key Tips to Keep Your Freshwater Fish Happy and Healthy 8to remove any unwanted substances from it.

This time can also be used to clean off the glass in the tank. It should be clear so you can see into it.

  1. Keep Your Tank Big Enough

If you have a small aquarium, then it could cause stress for your fish. They need plenty of space to move around.

Before you buy your fish, make sure you research the tank type and  size ,  and how many other fish are appropriate to keep with them. A number of people prefer aquarium glass to acrylic but size is more importance that type.

Cost Cheap Expensive
Scratching Resistant Scratches easily
Weight Heavy Light
Shapes Limited Varied
Impact resistance Poor Good
Clarity Constant Yellows with age


Check out these tank selections once you are ready to get your tank.

  1. Don’t Mix Fish Blindly

5 Key Tips to Keep Your Freshwater Fish Happy and Healthy 9If you’ve found a set of fish that can live in the same water environment, you’re almost there. The question now is how well the fish will get along?

Different fish have different temperaments, so try to find different species that work well together.

If you put together an aggressive fish with a timid one, it could cause stress for the timid one that will cause it to get sick.

Don’t Neglect Your Freshwater Fish

Keeping freshwater fish isn’t as simple as buying a tank, filling it with water, and putting a few fish in it. Your fish needs the right environment if you want them to thrive.

The tips above are a good starting point. Make sure you follow them so your fish can live a good life.Take a few moments to observe your aquatic life on a regular basis. Watch for changes in appearance, behavior or appetite so that you’ll immediately notice if something is amiss as this will help to arrest the situation before it goes out of hand.

Are you looking for more ways to take care of your pets? Head over to our blog to learn the best ways to keep them happy.





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