5 Ways to Help an Anxious Dog Relax

Ways to Help an Anxious Dog Relax : Dogs can become anxious for a variety of reasons, especially if people mistreated them early in their lives. Learning their sources of anxiety, limiting triggers, and dealing with the symptoms can all help to improve the experience of anxious dogs.

Help an Anxious Dog Relax

If you’re looking for a few easy tricks that may help to quickly calm your dog, please consider the following list.


1. Hemp Oil5 Ways to Help an Anxious Dog Relax 11

Hemp oil has a calming effect on people, so it is not much of a surprise that it does for dogs as well. Hemp oil is the product of a growing industry that has recently produced several different brands of hemp oil for dogs.

Hemp oil is a natural way to soothe your dog’s anxiety, and it is less intense than pharmaceutical drugs. Hemp oil even provides added benefits on top of anxiety reduction. It can also aid with joint pain and lower your dog’s risk of developing cancer.

2. Physical Contact

5 Ways to Help an Anxious Dog Relax 12

This act is one of the most basic techniques you can employ. Similarly to how hugs can have calming effects on people, petting dogs can have a soothing effect. Holding and petting your dog to let them know that they are not alone and that you are there for them may be all they need to calm down and stop being afraid.

However, be aware that some dogs, especially if people abused them, may not enjoy physical touch at first. Pay attention to how your dog is reacting to ensure that your actions are not adding to their anxiety.

3. Music or Background Noise

Many dogs have a fear of being abandoned. If you leave for long periods during the day5 Ways to Help an Anxious Dog Relax 13and they must be left alone, you may want to consider leaving your television on or playing music.

This method can give your dog the illusion that someone is home and may mitigate their anxiety. Some companies even create music specifically designed to soothe dogs, which you may want to consider. Other organizations claim that classical music can be especially helpful to nervous pets.

4. Exercise

Some dogs have so many pent-up emotions that they just don’t know how to deal with 5 Ways to Help an Anxious Dog Relax 14them all. Going on a long walk or playing fetch can help them to calm down and become their usual happy selves.

Just as you may de-stress by going for a run, exercising can be of great help to an anxiety-ridden dog. Keeping your four-legged companion active will help them to constructively channel their uncontrollable energy.

5. Specialized Shirts

This option can be particularly helpful during thunderstorms or holidays in which fireworks may be set off. These shirts, sometimes referred to as “thunder shirts,” apply pressure 5 Ways to Help an Anxious Dog Relax 15evenly to the dog’s body, simulating the effect of being held tightly. Using one of these shirts creates a result that is similar to that of when you swaddle a baby.

The Takeaway

Your dog is a member of your family. You are right to try to make their life as enjoyable as possible. While these are just a few tips for mitigating anxiety, you might notice that many of them also work for people.

It is essential to note that not all these techniques may work for your dog. You must take the time to understand their specific issues. If you can’t find anything on this list that helps your dog, Check for more information on buzzsharer.com , megaedd.com orĀ  consult your Vet. Then, you can see if you can apply those techniques to your dog. Man’s best friend deserves to live a life without anxiety, and there are many ways that you can help.