4 Additions to Your Home Gym That You May Not Have Considered

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Your home gym seems to be complete. You have the usual free weights, some dumbbells, a chin-up bar, and even some resistance equipment and a slant board. Is there anything else that you could add to that home gym? Here are four Additions to Your Home Gym that you can pick up at online sports equipment stores and have delivered right to your door.

“Your surroundings should make you feel good,” Tara says. “Be playful.”

To keep up his inspiration, Stone hung up framed black-and-white photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger, from his bodybuilding days, among others. The part of the house Stone chose for his gym doesn’t hurt, either.

“I can walk in the next room,” he says, “and soak in the hot tub.”

A Stability Ball4 Additions to Your Home Gym That You May Not Have Considered 14 Additions to Your Home Gym That You May Not Have Considered 2

Also known as an exercise ball, this one piece of equipment can add a little variety and fun to your workouts. These balls are usually inflatable devices that come in different sizes. You can use the ball as part of all sorts of stretching and bending exercises. By balancing your feet on the ball, you can add more resistance to simple exercises like push-ups. That helps to tone and build muscle in your arms and back.

If you want to work out on the patio, you can easily do so using a stability ball. When you like, take an exercise mat into the back yard along with the ball. You can enjoy some exercise while also enjoying the feel of the sun on your face.

A Bulgarian Bag

AmStaff Fitness Bulgarian / Farm Bag - 23kg (50lbs)

Another fun addition to the home gym, you’ll find that keeping two or three Bulgarian bags of different weights around the gym is a good thing. You can use them to swing forward or backward, hold them while doing squats, or even while doing simple like touching your toes. Once you have the bags, it won’t take long to come up with several different fun ways to make the most of them.

While some bags are sealed, there are designs that allow you to add more weight when needed. If storage space is a problem, opting for the latter design may be a better choice for your home gym.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are elastic bands that can be used for all sorts of workouts that employ the arms and legs. For example, add resistance to squats by wearing one around the thighs. You can also place a band under each foot, hold the opposing ends in each hand, and bend slowly raise your hands. They can even be used to add enhance the workout of of different muscles while you are doing yoga.

When not in use, resistance bands take up very little space. As a bonus, you can also take them along for trips and work out in the privacy of your hotel room. If the weather is nice, you can also enjoy some sun and fresh air while you use the bands in the back yard.

Battle Ropes4 Additions to Your Home Gym That You May Not Have Considered 34 Additions to Your Home Gym That You May Not Have Considered 4

A battle rope is a simple but effective piece of equipment that can help you build endurance. There are a number of exercises that call for swinging the arms and rotating the cuffs at the same time. The rope helps to add more resistance and allows you to get more of a workout. You’ll be surprised at how simple routines with a couple of ropes can help improve your upper arm, shoulder, and chest definition.

Additions to Your Home Gym

There are other simple types of exercise equipment that may have escaped your notice up to this point. Spend some time checking out what sort of additions you could add to the home gym. What you may find at an online exercise equipment site may surprise you.




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