We live in a world where we order just about anything online. Our purchases are then delivered within 24 hours using UPS for shipping. These days, you can get your delivery even earlier if the purchase is delivered by drone or Uber. In such a world, it might seem impossible for a brick-and-mortar pet store to survive, so what do you do? You turn into a modern pet store and survive, despite your brick-and-mortar status. Many modern pet stores like For The Furry – Modern Pet Store and  BirdCagesNow.com have survived by being creative and doing things that even online pet stores cannot do.

Modern Pet Stores Surviving the Digital Business Wave 1

There are many possibilities here, and it is up to you to explore all of your options. However, we will look at some of the more lucrative ones. All you have to do is think back to the days when brick-and-mortar pet stores used to be all the rage. What would they do to bring in patrons?

A Pet Store Needs Animals

Human beings love animals. We love to look at them and pet them, and we are attracted to a pet store with plenty of animals. The more exotic, the better. It will take some extra work to take care of these animals, but you can count on people coming in regularly to see them. While they’re there, they will, of course, buy things. Big attention getters include Modern Pet Stores Surviving the Digital Business Wave 2hedgehogs, foxes, snakes, and other reptiles.

You should also consider having a mascot for your store. It could be your personal pet cat or dog, a bunny or an entertaining parrot. Consider even opening an Instagram page for the mascot to keep your loyal customers updated about its life. People love that.

Stock What Is Not Available Online

With the rising popularity of raw foods and natural foods, this is an excellent opportunity for you to offer things people won’t be able to find online so easily. Pet owners are increasingly concerned with their pets’ health and, in the process, will seek pet foods that Modern Pet Stores Surviving the Digital Business Wave 3are of high quality. You can take advantage of this trend and stock up on fresh pet food. Also, make sure you know everything there is to know about the pet foods and can answer your customers’ questions.

Add a Personal Touch

You won’t get much of the personal touch with online stores. At the very best, they

Modern Pet Stores Surviving the Digital Business Wave 4

will install chatbots on their sites to chat with customers. However, these may still lack the warmth of human conversation.

As a brick-and-mortar pet store, having staff with an intimate understanding of the products you sell and the knowledge to answer any questions the customers throw at them will likely prove to be your strongest asset. Your customers will likely ask questions about such things as products, behavior, training, foods and so on. Make sure to train your staff and prepare them to be friendly and helpful while assisting your customers.