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Ways To Keep Your Dog Comfortable Indoors : The current pandemic has compelled everyone—including pets to stay indoors for months without end. And though travel restrictions are gradually lifting, the hot weather limits our desire to go further from our home’s cool interiors. While it’s nice to just sit down and watch TV with your dog all day long, not all dogs are movie marathoners or certified couch potatoes.

Dog Comfortable Indoors

Take a look at your torn furniture or chewed-on slippers and you can tell that they’re bored and anxious to do more than their eat-sleep-repeat routine. Wondering why they’re barking a lot or suddenly leaving puddles around the house? It’s their way of saying they need better things to keep their jaws and paws busy while you tap away at your desk. You might be a little short on time and space, but there are creative ways you can do to keep your furry buddy happy without having to go outdoors. 

Comfy and Happy Home Buddy

Keeping your puppy or adult dog active while indoors requires a few tweaks to your usual routine. While they surely enjoying seeing you more often these days, you can still keep busy so you can do all your stuff at home and while in remote work mode. You can satisfy their craving for attention and activity with the following tips:

  • Know Your Dog’s Qualities 6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Comfortable Indoors 9

It pays to know your dog’s personality so you can tailor ways on how to keep them comfy and happy indoors. It’s nice to read up on dog breed characteristics so you’ll come prepared when you bring home a new pup or adult home. Some are affectionate and kid-friendly, like the American staffordshire terrier while greyhounds are strong and independent. Terriers and spaniels are calm and easy-going while retrievers have very athletic.  

It’s best to know the level of physical activity your dog requires so you can plan on ways to channel their energy into something productive rather than developing nasty behaviors. You can set up a daily routine that features several minutes of intense activity and lots of time for rest. 

  • Training and Exercise Indoors 6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Comfortable Indoors 10

The puppy phase is often the most exciting and exhausting time in a dog’s life. They’re very active and they’ll surely bite and chew at everything they can get their tiny chompers on. Daily routines can turn them into generally well-behaved pups as they learn the dos and don’ts of staying indoors. 

When early morning walks aren’t an option, you can do a mini obstacle course in your basement to exercise their limbs and improve their agility. A quick tug-of-war or some runs up and down the stairs can also make fun alternatives. Just make sure to keep them well-fed and hydrated so they can be healthy and active at the same time.    

  • Play Games or Music 

You can also play games and reward them with treats so that they can have something fun and edible to chew on rather than your furniture or upholstery. If you need to do some housework, interactive toys can keep them busy. Turning on the TV or playing music can also keep them entertained and assured, especially at times when you have to leave home. You can also turn on the lights at night so they don’t get too anxious because of the dark.  

  • Go Easy On Punishment6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Comfortable Indoors 11

Pet messes can happen and though they’re gross or annoying, they can be avoided. Reinforce positive behavior with treats or simple pats so they understand that they can do better. If you can, try not to yell or send them outdoors, as this can make them more fearful and destructive. Dogs only sense you’re upset, but can’t connect it to their habit of chewing or peeing everywhere. It’s best to create a loving environment for your dog as they are, after all, part of your life and family.  

  • Give Them Time To Relax 6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Comfortable Indoors 12

Apart from keeping them busy with games and toys, you should also give your dog time and a quiet place to sleep and relax. Crate train your pups as early as 6 months so they know they can have a secure place of their own in times when they’re tired or stressed. You can browse a dog bed collection online to find a suitable bed for your furry friend. Choose one that’s right for their size and one that can make cleaning less of a hassle.

  • Keep Calm 

Dogs are highly perceptive and they can sense if you’re hot under the collar. The special bond you have with your pet allows them to feel your emotions and can affect their behavior too. They may even feel separation anxiety when they’re left alone and if you make a big deal of coming and going.   


Keeping your furry friend comfortable indoors requires some knowledge on the level of physical activity needed for their breed so you can create routines that are suitable for their age and personality. Games and agility training can provide much-needed physical activity. Giving your dog daily essentials and enough time to rest will surely make them happy and secure indoors.  



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