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Having a dog and a child in a home keeps everyone happy and busy. People having a bad day might recover due to their cuteness and innocence. You cannot resist their charm. But, with their appeal, you need to apply extra attention and care. There are many common similarities between dog parenting and human parenting, but the parenting style is not the same.C:\Users\acer\Downloads\Untitled design (2).png

Many of us are confused about dog parenting and human parenting. A dog is part of our family. We have similar attachment and love for a dog like a human child. Due to which people often confuse human parenting and dog parenting.

What is Dog Parenting?

So, What exactly is Dog Parenting? Dog Parenting is the process of developing your dog physically, healthy, and mentally. You might have seen people who regularly take their dog outside to walk; this is also known as dog parenting. Dozens of dog parenting styles differ according to humans and their knowledge.

What is Human Parenting?How Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 27

Unlike Dog Parenting, Human Parenting is the process of developing your child physically, emotionally, socially, healthy, mentally, and psychologically. Human parenting is all about making them capable until they become adults and can take care of themselves. Similarly, parenting styles vary according to human culture, belief, social class, ethnicity, and many more.

So how exactly is a Dog parenting different from Human Parenting? Well, let’s cover that too.

What Are Differences between Dog Parenting and Human Parenting?

As both of them need training and special care, dog parenting and human parenting have some of the common parenting styles. But they are not the same. A human child needs parenting for a specific time when they become independent, they can take care of themselves, but a dog needs more parenting, extra attention, and love as they grow.

1. ImpactHow Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 28

Owners impact dogs. Their emotions are entirely dependent on their owners and family. During dog parenting, you can quickly know about their mood and the reason for emotional instability and improve their feelings.

But for humans, this is not true because their emotions are dependent on family, friends, unknown individuals, and many more. You will not be able to know what is happening with a human.

2. CommunicationHow Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 29

Communicating is easier and fun with your human children. A human can easily share and express their thoughts, while a dog cannot speak and can only show emotion. Here you will have to notice different factors such as facial expression, symptoms, signs, and body expression to know what is going on.

Parenting becomes more effortless in humans’ case as you can easily communicate with your children about how they are thinking and feeling. But in the case of dog parenting, it is difficult where you have to analyze every behavior and movement for your puppy.

3. TrackHow Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 30

Tracking a human has become more accessible due to technology and software advancement. The Internet has brought enjoyment and risks to humans. But for an innocent child, the internet is an unpleasant experience. But don’t worry, when there is a will, there is a way.

You can take the support of parental control such as parental software. Parental software helps to control and monitor your children’s activity.

But for the dog, this is not the case. One good thing is that your dog cannot use the Internet to not worry about the Internet. But monitoring them becomes difficult due to which it becomes challenging to parent them rather than humans. You can track their location (GPS) so that they do not get lost. But there is no way to track their activities.

4. EntertainmentHow Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 31

Your children demand various types of entertainment like television, games, the internet, and many more. You have to spend extra money, and I won’t say extra but heavy cash for entertainment. This demand increases with a human child. But in the case of dogs, their entertainment activities are only playing. They prefer playing with humans.

But, if you want to spend money on your dog entertainment, you just have to buy a couple of toys. This will meet their demand, and you will not have to spend more money to see your pet satisfied. In this case, pet parenting seems easier than human parenting.

5. Outings

Have you ever left your children alone at home during your outing? The answer is no. A human child cannot stay alone, and they must be taken everywhere. But this is not the case for your dog. Your dog can live a few days away from you. If you have maintained their meals and living place, they can live alone for some days.

Here, dogs are easier for parenting than a human child where a human cannot live alone, even for a single minute. If you leave your dog alone, they might miss you, but I suggest you don’t leave your dog alone until you have emergency work.

6. CostHow Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 32

You will have to spend money on both of them. A dog needs food, medical care, entertainment, and shelter, but a human child needs more than that. They need food, medical care, entertainment, education, clothing, a home to live, and many more. Today the most expensive cost is education.

According to the report, it is shown raising a human child costs $233,610 without adding college expenses. At the same time, the cost of raising a dog is estimated to be $4300 per year. Again in the perspective of expenses, dog parenting is easier compared to human parenting.

7. LongevityHow Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 33

Relatively animals live shorter than human beings. The life span for a dog is 10-13 years. In contrast, a human has a lifespan of 79 years. The dog owners become anxious and depressed when their dog nears the life span. The parenting styles for both are different according to their life span.

8. Poop

Cleaning poop is difficult for everyone. When you have a baby and a puppy in the home, you might be having a busy life. But in comparison to a puppy, it is easier to clean human poop because of diapers. Diapers are also used for only a couple of years; after that, you will not have to clean their poop for a human. Sometimes it might be accidental cases.

Training often changes the habit of dogs. Puppies can be trained to poop in the toilet. But you cannot be sure with a dog if they will follow those training or not. So, by analyzing the situation, we can say that in the case of poop, humans are more accessible to parents.

Similarities between dog parenting and human parenting:

Although I have talked about a lot of dissimilarity between dog parenting and human parenting. Let’s know some of the similarities between them:

1. Cry Vs. BarkHow Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 34

You might find it cute during the first few days. But it is annoying when it continues for additional days. Who produces more sound is the question? But both of them make equal sound distraction and annoyance, especially during the night. This is one of the shared similarities between these two.

2. Treat

Although humans are intelligent when it comes to treating, both of them are equal. When you give special training to a puppy, they seem to obey your command for that special treat. Similarly, for a kid, if you are teaching them about homework or any study materials. They seem motivated if they know they are getting pleasure.

3. AttentionHow Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 35

Both of them need equal attention. Your pet doesn’t feel happy if you don’t give them enough attention. Similarly, your kid is also hungry for attention. If you are a busy working individual, then they prefer more attention. In this case, both of these innocent beings crave attention from their family.

4. LoveHow Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 36

Your pet and child both love equally. There is no comparison between them. There is always unconditional love between each of them.

5. Medical Support

Both of them need equal medical attention. Vaccination, medicines, hospital/Veterinary, and many more are required medical support that both of them need. As they are young, they are more vulnerable to diseases. Due to these, both of them need equal medical attention.

6. Social MediaHow Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 37

Recently, the latest trend has come up of opening social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook in your pet’s name. Celebrities were the first to start this trend. But before this trend, parents used to open social media for their child only. But now, this has become a standard feature. The cutest one should never be hidden from the world. Isn’t it?


FAQ sectionHow Dog Parenting Is Different From Human Parenting 38


1. Does a dog believe that humans are their parents?

In the study, it is seen that the love of a dog is similar to a human child. They reciprocate love to their owners and expect them to act as a parent. They look out for basic needs, security from their human parents. So, the bonding of a dog and a human is never-ending.


2. What are different parenting styles?

● Authoritarian

● Permissive

● Uninvolved

● Authoritative



Dogs and human children are the most innocent and cutest. The bond between them with a human is unconditional. People feel that a human child and dog need similar parenting methods, but this is not true. They are different individuals, due to which they need different parental styles.

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