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Welcoming Home for Your New Puppy : Over the years, the interest in owning a dog as a pet has increased tremendously. In fact, with the Covid-19 pandemic in the world the past year, pet ownership has registered a rise in the US as a result of its well-known mental and physical health benefits.

Welcoming a new family member should always be a thought-out decision. As an animal owner, you should know your animal’s needs and behaviors and be aware of the responsibility you’ll have.

Since many are now bringing home new family members, in this article, we have gathered some advice on how to welcome a new puppy into your home and make it a great start to your life together.

Welcoming Home for Your New Puppy

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Safety First

When you have just received a four-legged addition to the family, you have the responsibility to give them the best possible life.

Unfortunately, dogs, just like humans, are at risk of suffering serious illnesses and end up getting hurt in terrible accidents. For this reason, it is very important to always have dog insurance.

With dog insurance, you can get help with the costs that arise during any veterinary visits. These visits only get more expensive each year, and if you get your dog covered, you will at least not have to think about the financial part as much.

A good recommendation is to find an independent pet insurance marketplace like Pawlicy Advisor which makes it possible for pet owners to compare and choose pet insurance brands and plans that will best suit the dog’s needs.

Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppies are just like toddlers curious about their surroundings, wanting to explore the world with the help of their mouths and noses.

Puppy-proof your home by removing dangerous things that the puppy can reach. Many puppies like to chew on things, especially when they get their baby teeth.

It can be small toys, cables, or materials that can easily get stuck in their throat or intestines. Keep electrical cables away from the puppy, as these can be directly fatal if the puppy chews on them.

Puppies are not always so careful about what they eat and that’s why you must keep everything that may be toxic or otherwise unsuitable for your dog at a safe distance.

Unlike cats, dogs are not made to jump from heights. This especially goes for puppies. A puppy can easily break a leg if they jump from a high bed, sofa, or chair. Always make sure to lift the puppy from these places instead of letting it jump down by itself.

Get All the Supplies

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A new little puppy does not need many things when arriving at its new home. The most important things are a lot of love, closeness, and security. But here are some essential things that are important for welcoming the pup.

  • Collar/Leash – A collar and leash are good to have at home for the first few days. A puppy grows quickly out of its collar and if you have a larger breed, you will have to change the collar several times before the dog gets older.
  • Bed – Feel no pressure to buy a new, expensive and exclusive bed. A puppy can fall asleep anywhere. Many puppies chew on the bed in the beginning and therefore the simplest solution can be the best, both for the dog and your finances. The main thing is that you have a blanket or bed that is soft, homely, and safe when the puppy is going to sleep.
  • Chew Toy – A puppy is good at exploring its new home. This means that it licks, chews, and gnaws everywhere. Instead of scolding the puppy, a chew toy is a perfect and fun way to teach the puppy what it is allowed to chew on.
  • Nail Clipper – Cutting your puppy’s nails can be stressful but it does not have to be. Taking care of its claws and paws is just as important as taking care of the rest of your dog’s health. For this, you need a special nail clipper which is available in different sizes depending on how big the dog is.

Create House Ground Rules5 Ways To Prepare a Welcoming Home for Your New Puppy 10

Since dogs can have unhealthy and bad behaviors, you must establish house ground rules to teach your puppy what is acceptable and what is not. Here are the ones that are good to have.

Where is your puppy allowed in the house – It is up to you, as the dog owner, to decide what is a no-dog zone in your house. You may want the pup to stay in a certain area of the house only, especially during house training.

Think about the furniture – Dogs are the perfect companion to relax with on the couch. However, if you do not want your puppy to be on the couch, it is best to teach it and not allow it to be there.

It is very easy to pamper a puppy and give it attention when it jumps up, but every time you respond to the puppy’s attention demands, you encourage this behavior. The puppy will learn that if it jumps on the couch, it will be rewarded with pats and will continue to challenge your authority.

Remember that it is important that the whole family is involved in this so that the dog does not get confused and never learns.

Eating space – The puppy should have a place where it eats, and it should always be fed after the family has eaten. Begging at the table should not be tolerated, ignore the dog and do not give it anything at the table. It can be smart to teach the dog early on that when the family eats, it should sit still and wait.

Establish Daily Routines

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Establishing a proper routine gives the puppy security. Luckily, puppies learn fast and adapt quickly to new routines.

Determine specific times that you feed the puppy and try to feed it after you have eaten yourself to maintain the hierarchy. If your dog knows that it will eat at a specific time, it will not be so anxious or disturb you before you have eaten.

Keep to a routine of taking your puppy for a walk at least every 2 to 4 hours and try to do this at the same time every day as it is very important during house training.

Choose an easy-to-clean and accessible potty training place and try to schedule potty breaks to make it easier for the puppy. Make it first thing in the morning, right before bedtime, and after a meal.

Closing Thoughts5 Ways To Prepare a Welcoming Home for Your New Puppy 12

It is a big adjustment to welcome a puppy home for the first time, but keep in mind that it is an even bigger change for the puppy.

With the right dog insurance, you’ll be off to a good start as it will bring peace of mind and security to you and your new pet. It will then make it easier for you to concentrate on getting the right pet supplies, puppy-proofing your home, and establishing the essential dog routines.

With these tips, you’ll be covered and guaranteed a great start to a life together with your new beloved puppy.


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