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 While each dog has its personality, certain breeds are a little bit more outgoing, cuddly, and sweet. Discover the friendliest dog breeds here.

Getting your first dog? Don’t adopt the first one you find!Friendliest Dog Breeds

If you have kids or are generally afraid of dogs, you’ll want a friendly one that isn’t too difficult to interact with. Fortunately, there are a lot of friendly dog breeds you can choose from.

Don’t panic if you don’t know which ones to get. Here’s our list of the friendliest dog breeds you should consider meeting! Who knows, perhaps one of these could be the newest member of your family!

  1. BeagleThe Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love Interacting With Humans (And Non-Humans) 17

If you’re looking for a cheery dog that loves to play, you can’t go wrong with Beagles. They’re small dogs but they come with a ton of energy. It doesn’t take long for a Beagle to start frolicking around.

The best part about Beagles is their social nature. They’re not aggressive towards strangers and they’re great around young kids too. Beagles are also easy to take care of, making them ideal choices for kids hoping to get a pet.

Beagles are also easy to train. They’re quite often trained for TV and movies. If you want to impress friends with a friendly and well-trained pet, you should consider getting a Beagle or the next on one our list: the Golden Retriever.

  1. Golden RetrieverThe Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love Interacting With Humans (And Non-Humans) 18

Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the world and for good reasons. When people think of dogs best-suited for a family, they often picture Golden Retrievers. They’re loyal, fun, and family-oriented.

Yes, they’re friendly and great with kids but they’re also responsible pets too. You can rely on a Golden to watch over kids and other pets — with a little training, of course. One of their best traits is their playfulness, which they keep even into their twilight years.

How friendly are these dogs? You can count on them to make friends with strangers and other pets in an instant! This makes them the best choice if you want to introduce a pet to kids or if you have another pet already at home.

  1. Boston TerrierThe Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love Interacting With Humans (And Non-Humans) 19

Did you know Terriers and their related offspring, like the Boston Terrier, originated as fighting dogs? People bred them for fighting but they’re quite the opposite! Boston Terriers are, in fact, among the funniest and friendliest dog breeds around.

These dogs allow anyone to get close and cuddle them. They also love to squeeze in for warmth and affection. Boston Terriers also have quite a silly smile that can warm anyone’s heart towards them.

  1. SamoyedSamoyed – Google Search

Picture a Japanese Spitz but enlarge it to the same size as a Golden Retriever. Make the fur a little bit fluffier. Now you’ve got an idea how a Samoyed looks!

Underneath that strong build and fur is a loyal and gentle beast. They’re not as energetic as some of the breeds on this list but they make up for it with their gentle nature and constant need for affection.

Samoyeds are also quite loyal, making them ideal for families. They love joining family activities and you can count on them to behave when in public.

  1. Welsh CorgiThe Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love Interacting With Humans (And Non-Humans) 20

Looking for an extremely social dog with a penchant for affection and silliness? Your best bet is the Welsh Corgi! Take one look at them and you’ll feel hard-pressed not to laugh at their adorable silliness.

Originally bred as companion dogs, these tiny packages love attention and will spend every moment they can around their owner.

Keep in mind that these dogs require a lot of attention. They need more playtime than other breeds so make it a point to schedule activities for your Corgi. At the very least, dedicate one day to go out to the park and play.

  1. Irish SetterThe Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love Interacting With Humans (And Non-Humans) 21

Looking for a charming, enthusiastic dog? The Irish Setter hits those marks and then some.

These are among the most alert and active dog breeds around, which means you’ll have to dedicate time for exercise and play. Irish Setters love to play so schedule a day at the park, the beach, or with other dogs.

They’re quite care-free, always relaxing and in a good mood. Kids love them and they’re ideal for big families. You do have to spend time grooming them so they’re best suited for people who already know how to take care of dogs.

  1. Labrador RetrieverThe Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love Interacting With Humans (And Non-Humans) 22

Labrador Retrievers started as shooting companions and fishing companions, which explains their loyal and dependable nature. They stick around their owners and will fight to defend them from any threat. When they’re not bred for work, they become the sweetest, friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet.

One of the best traits is their desire for affection. Labradors love cuddling and getting picked up. They love physical attention from their owners and they won’t get aggressive around kids.

That said, they do get a little jealous from time to time. They’re great around kids but might not be ideal if you own small pets.

  1. Saint BernardThe Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love Interacting With Humans (And Non-Humans) 23

Who hasn’t seen the movie “Beethoven?” The movie popularized Saint Bernards and they’re still a prime choice for people seeking family-oriented pets. They’re gigantic, yes, but there’s nothing but love and gentleness inside.

These are quite placid, meaning they don’t get upset or excited easily. This is great if you have young kids. You won’t have to worry about the dog getting annoyed at the constant tugging or playing.

However, Saint Bernards need a lot of care and attention. You’ll have to spend time grooming them and keeping them healthy. If you’re always with your dog, this shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Get in Touch With the Friendliest Dog Breeds!The Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love Interacting With Humans (And Non-Humans) 24

These are only some of the friendliest dog breeds in the world! Why not give one of them a try? You might meet one perfectly suited for your family!

But these aren’t the only pets to consider. If you’re looking for working dogs, first-time pet choices, and more, then feel free to read more of our guides right here!


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