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Taking Your Dog To Your Wedding: Research conducted by WeddingWire found that 38% of the respondents took their dog to their wedding or engagement. Couples preparing to tie the knot often want to include their dog in their wedding for a variety of reasons. A dog, as they say, is man’s best friend, and, in fact, most people consider their dogs to be a part of their family. Therefore, it is understandable that they may want their furry friend present at their nuptials. Taking a dog to your wedding is a wonderful thing to do, and could help you take your special day to the next level.


Preparations before the wedding
Taking Your Dog To Your Wedding
Not all dogs can be taken to a wedding. It’s crucial to evaluate your dog’s temperament before you decide to include them in your wedding. For a dog to attend your wedding, they should be well-mannered and know the basic commands, such as ‘stay’ and ‘sit’. You don’t want your dog to cause distraction at the wedding; rather, they should be an adorable addition to the event. A calm dog can be given a serious roles, such as that of a ring bearer – or even the maid of honor – but others are too excited to walk down the aisle and probably shouldn’t be given a special role.
Before deciding which responsibility your dog will take on at the wedding, you should consider their personality. Experts say that taking your dog to your wedding is a little like taking a child to the ceremony: you can almost predict how they will behave. Once you have decided to bring your dog to you wedding, remember to inform the venue owners, photographers and guests about it. Also, make sure that the safety of your dog at the venue is guaranteed: animals can easily choke on pieces of jewelry or eat poisonous flowers. Book a pet sitter, who will make sure your dog receives sufficient exercise and keep them safe and well fed at the event.


Ways to make your dog shine at your wedding
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There are many roles that a dog can play at a wedding. Most people who take their dogs to their wedding usually have their dogs walk down the aisle together with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Others prefer to have the dog take part in the photo sessions so that they can hold on to the photos for years to come. The dog can also attend the wedding as a ring bearer, honored guest, or flower dog. If you are in Colorado, your dog can become a witness in your wedding, and sign on your wedding license.
Other ways in which you can involve your pooch include making a custom leash, dog-inspired place cards, dog inspired cookies, or dog-themed save-the-date cards, and dressing them up (bow-ties or tux for boys, and tutus or floral collars for girls). You may also wish to let the dog stand with you as you exchange vows, hold your dog instead of a bouquet, add their likeness to your cake topper, or include them in your getting-ready routine.


Taking your dog to your wedding can reduce your stress
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Planning a wedding can be stressful. A study by Zola, in which 500 respondents participated, found that 96% of the respondents were stressed out about the wedding, 40% of the group considered planning a wedding to be extremely stressful, and 71% believed it was more worrying than other important life events like finding employment. Bringing a dog to your wedding will help you reduce the stress, as they will give you snuggles, hugs and kisses. Additionally it gives you peace of mind because you will be seeing your dog most of the time during the wedding, which is better than leaving him or her alone at home. Taking your dog out of your house is like an adventure to them, and is great especially for dogs that have separation anxiety. This way, the dog will be less stressed.
Your dog is your friend: they deserve to be at your wedding. You will also get the chance to have a professional take photos of you and your dog. Years later, as you go through your wedding album, your heart will melt when you see the adorable pictures of your dog at your wedding. Truly, taking your dog to your wedding may be the best decision you ever make in your life.