Weddings are a beautiful thing, even when it is a pair of cute little Chihuahuas all dressed up as the bride and groom. 

Yes, I said dogs! These sweet dogs are paired up with one wearing a white kind of headwear, and the other wearing a frilly black headpiece.

It appears the ceremony itself has been completed and now it’s time for the wedding cake, which in this case is a small cupcake covered in icing.

The pups are taking dainty bites of cupcake as it is offered to them by someone off-screen.

At first, they aren’t sure they like it, but after a taste or two it’s certain they are enjoying their wedding day cupcake.

It’ not an everyday thing to witness two dogs getting married, but these little Chihuahuas are dainty and sweet and they seem to be having fun as they eat their cupcake to celebrate their doggie union.

It makes you wonder if they had other doggie guests eating cake, and if the cake was a regular flavor or perhaps liver flavored just for them! 

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