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Human Foods that Are Safe and Good For Your Dogs : Have you ever been lounging at home with your pup and wondered what snacks you could share with them? Maybe you’ve been watching a movie or TV show and want to drop some pieces of food for your dog to enjoy? While there’s an extensive list of foods that humans can eat that dogs cannot, you’d be surprised by the list of things they can enjoy.

Human Foods that Are Safe and Good For Your Dogs

If you are looking for human snacks to feed your furry friend, look no further. Let’s go over five examples of human foods that your pup will enjoy, which will keep them healthy. Check out sites like www.m-dog.org for more dog tips, but here is a little snippet to get you started.

Human Foods that Are Safe and Good For Your Dogs 5 Human Foods that Are Safe and Good For Your Dogs 1

1. Carrots

Dogs love carrots. The vegetables resemble bones or other toys where your animal can use their teeth to chew. The act of chewing can help naturally remove plaque from their teeth and promotes good dental health.

Plus, the vitamins present in carrots will help charge up your pup for days of fun activities like going to the park, playing fetch, and going for runs. If you moderate the carrots, you give your furry friend, and you’ll give them the perfect amount of vitamin A. The vitamin helps keep their immune system, skin, and coat healthy.

Don’t feed them too many carrots, though, since too much vitamin A can bad for them.

2. Apples

Human Foods that Are Safe (and Good) For Your Dogs


Apples are a fruit that is hard for dogs to resist. If you’re snacking on apples and peanut butter, you can feel confident throwing a few slices to your furry friend.

Ensure that they aren’t getting any seeds, and if the apple is rotten and had a chance to ferment, your dog could suffer from ethanol poisoning. 

When feeding your puppy a few slices of apple a day, you’re helping give them a boost in vitamin A, C, and a plethora of others.

3. White Rice

Let’s say that you’re preparing dinner, and you happened to make extra plain, cooked white rice. There are a few options. You can store the leftovers and make another meal (which is valid). You could also use rice as a base for a meal for your puppy. The rice will help your pup deal with an upset stomach due to its binding effect.

If your dog has diabetes, keep the rice portions small to not spike their blood pressure.

4. Peanut Butter

5 Human Foods that Are Safe and Good For Your Dogs 2


The trope of feeding peanut butter to a dog is seen all over the media. While these portrayals are generally true and the dogs on screen are safely eating the butter, there are a few stipulations. The peanut butter must be plain and unsalted. If the sweetener xylitol is present, purchase a different brand because it’s poisonous to dogs.

Peanut butter in moderation, peanut butter will give your dog a boost in vitamins B and E plus niacin, healthy fats, and protein.

5. Watermelon

5 Human Foods that Are Safe and Good For Your Dogs 3

The juicy, pink part of watermelons are good for dogs so long as the seeds are removed first. Seeds can cause a blocked stomach. The rinds are also unhealthy for your furry friend. Feeding watermelon to your dog keeps them hydrated and gives them vitamins A, B-6, and C.

Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Add human snacks to your dog’s diet to keep them healthy and happy. The vitamins, minerals, and other good benefits will help your dog live a longer and more satisfying life. So, next time you’re snacking, maybe pass some to Fido. Note that you can not pass everything that you can eat  to him/her.  Read the list of the worst food for your dog here



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