Dogs live off their doggy treats. You can tell just by the way they come running with their tails wagging every time you hold out a doggy treat. The way they happily munch on their treats can tell just how much they enjoy it. As delicious as they find it, you don’t know what’s in that store-bought dog treat. Is it really safe for your dog to eat? Does it contain any artificial ingredients? So how can you be sure to give your beloved dog a treat you know nothing about? Use our Dog Treat Recipes  to allay all doubts

Of course, unlike your addition of bacon, you’d probably prefer to give your dog something healthy as an add-in.

While your dog may enjoy having bacon added to his dog food every day, your dog’s health may suffer, as he doesn’t understand that certain types of foods need to be eaten in moderation. 


To help you select the ideal add-ins for your dog, We’ve created the infographic below to explain both the benefits of Superfoods and which you may want your pup to try!

foods photo pics for dogs

20 Dog Treat Recipes, Made With 5 Ingredients or Less