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Dog Breeds That are More Friendlier: When it comes to finding the right dog there are a plethora of things you need to take into account. There is so much variety between dog breeds that it can feel overwhelming to think about. Luckily for you, you are likely reading this because you have narrowed it down to an important factor – size. Small dogs are not for everyone and you might be considering a big dog breed, but are hesitant because the size is intimidating.

Gentle Giants: Dog Breeds That are More Friendlier Than They Look 1

On the flip side, many big dog breeds are quite the opposite of intimidating, at least once you get to know them. Gentle giants, as the saying famously goes, apply to many larger dogs and they offer something that smaller breeds sometimes do not. Finding the right dog can ultimately come down to size, but you could end up finding your next family member that happens to be a bigger pup.

Check out which dog breeds are bigger but more friendly than meets the eye.

Great Danes

Dog Breeds That are More Friendlier

Starting this list off with a bang is the Great Dane. These dogs are massive, and that is not an understatement. This breed can range between 100-200lbs, and anywhere between 71cm to 86cm in height – so yeah, big! However, Luke Stevens from PuppyJoy.net says that anyone looking for a big dog but worried about strength or aggression should consider a Great Dane, whose breed is often referred to as the ‘gentle giant’. It just goes to show that even one of the biggest dogs out there is a wonderfully docile pet.

Saint BernardsGentle Giants: Dog Breeds That are More Friendlier Than They Look 2

Another behemoth of a dog breed, Saint Bernards is a breed that has been widely known to be both helpful and calm. While these dogs can grow up to 180lbs, they are still very gentle, and luckily not as tall as a Great Dane. Still, for people who want a dog that is big, fluffy, but remains calm around people, then a Saint Bernard is a really good option. They shed quite a bit and it would be disingenuous to not mention that they have a slight slobber problem, but you can overlook that when you consider how cute these big dogs are.

Bernese Mountain DogsGentle Giants: Dog Breeds That are More Friendlier Than They Look 3

These dogs can appear considerably less intimidating than some larger breeds, but they are still big. At about 85-120lbs, this breed is considerable in weight and size but they are very gentle and loyal dogs. They have a great coat with a lot of sheen to it, but that does not discount the fact that traveling with a big dog is still difficult at times. Regardless, big dogs like the Bernese are gorgeous in their appearance and equally charming because of their quiet demeanor while still being a social dog.


Irish WolfhoundGentle Giants: Dog Breeds That are More Friendlier Than They Look 4

Definitely a big dog by any means, this breed is also not as common as others. This does not mean it is not a great dog to own for those who do not mind a rather large pet, but it is probably due to the fact that it is the biggest breed in the world, physically. Wolfhounds can grow taller than any dogs, with the Great Dane being closest in height. Still, this dog is very much an energetic and playful breed so keep that in mind when you consider how tall it can get, but usually, cap out around 120lbs at least. Wolfhounds require quite a lot of space, and this can be tricky for some people so keep that in mind. If you enjoy turning some heads while on a walk, this is the big dog to do such a thing.

Great PyreneesGentle Giants: Dog Breeds That are More Friendlier Than They Look 5

Another excellent big dog breed that appears much more intimidating is the Great Pyrenees. Even though it tends towards the fluffier side, this breed can be over 100lbs, but they are excellent dogs. They originate from the mountains of France as a farm dog, like many big breeds, which makes them very loyal and great if trained properly. They have a very durable coat which means they should not be in hot climates. It is a dog that tends towards winter weather and the outdoors, but it remains a well-behaved breed because of its original purpose.


Gentle Giants: Dog Breeds That are More Friendlier Than They Look 6

Newfoundlands, Newfies, or Newfoundlanders (not to be confused with the Canadian people) are about as calm as any dog there is, regardless of size. Once again, they come from a farm and working background as they helped with herding and other duties. Many of the dogs on this list are well-behaved and gentle but this breed is certainly one of the best. For families with small children, a Newfoundland is a good dog for kids to grow up with and play around with. The usual problems like shedding and drool are present, but they are still wonderful.


Gentle Giants: Dog Breeds That are More Friendlier Than They Look 7

Easily one of the more intimidating dogs on this list gets a bad reputation because of a harmful stereotype about certain breeds. This dog is big, but it gets improperly judged because of its similar appearance to pitbull variations. It is quite unfortunate because Bullmastiffs are an amazing dog for those who maybe want a protective and loyal dog around the house. Dogs of this nature are very loyal so when they detect threats against themselves or their owners they can be very protective. Being an experienced dog owner is always a good way to adapt to owning a large dog because they can be very powerful and very defensive when they are protecting you. Still, Bullmastiffs are great dogs with a lot of good qualities due to their nature.

The term gentle giant is more than applicable for a lot of dogs, but the truly giant dogs on this list can exhibit how important it is to do your research before passing judgment. While they may tower over most dogs, they also offer a lot of calm energy and are incredibly loyal. These dogs represent how even the largest of breeds can be total softies, which may be exactly what you want out of your next pet.


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