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The onset of summer often means more fun time outdoors with your dog; however, the ever-rising summer heat can be dangerous to your little pet. How do you keep your dog cool during summer when  fun in the sun is at its peak.? Unlike us, dogs don’t sweat, so they rely on panting to cool down, but that is not enough. Very high temperatures leave them prone to dehydration, heat exhaustion, and sometimes a fatal heatstroke.

keep your dog cool during summer

Even though they’re serious, the effects mentioned above can be prevented by changing or adding a few things to your dog’s daily routine in the sunny season. Read on for our tips and tricks to keeping your pet comfortable and safe from the scorching summer heat.

How do you keep your dog cool during summer when fun in the sun is at its peak

Always make fresh cold water available.

Whether you’re out on a walk with your dog or you’re playing around in the backyard, you must make fresh cold water accessible to your pet. Always place a large bowl of freshwater in a shaded area where your dog can see it. You can also invest in a foldable doggy pool or a dog water fountain to provide a constant cooling spot for your pal.

When out on walks, bring a portable collapsible water bowl or a squirt bottle and give your pet small amounts of water in 15-20 minute intervals between activities. Also, make sure that you bring enough water to last the entire walk.

Plan your walks


Try as much as you can to avoid taking your dog out when the midday sun is out. You can plan your outdoor exercises for early mornings when the sun’s heat hasn’t peaked or late evenings when the temperatures cool down. This way, you avoid dehydration and paw sunburns from walking your pal on hot grounds.

Create cool lie-down spots for your pet.

The heat is too much . Iam chilling on mom's back.. Why are you looking at me?
The heat is too much . I’m chilling on mom’s back.. Why are you looking at me?

When dogs get too hot, they often start looking for cool places to lie down and counter the heat. So, if your home is fully carpeted or lacks tiled floors, you can purchase a cooling pad or an outdoor dog bed with canopy to help beat the sweltering heat. Some cooling pads can be used both indoors and outside, and they don’t require refrigeration to work effectively.

Make your pup a chilled treat.

Sometimes the best cooling works from the inside out so, feel free to make your pup a frozen treat to keep him cool. You can scout the internet for an endless list of the easiest DIY frozen dog treat recipes. You can also get your dog freezable toys to cool and keep him entertained at the same time.

Create shade in your yard and other exercise spotsHOW TO KEEP YOUR DOG COOL DURING SUMMER. 2

We all crave a little shade after being in the sun for too long, which is no different when it comes to your dog. You can create shade spots by planting small shrubs and trees or make wooden sheds for your furry friend to lie under when the sun’s too hot to endure.

If you have a yard without trees or space to plant some, you can purchase portable sunshades and patio umbrellas to create reliable shades.

Protect your pet from sunburns

Dogs also get sunburns and skin cancer, so getting sun protection clothing for your pet isn’t far fetched. Always choose clothes that have high UPF ratings for better protection.

If you have a pet with a thin coat, use sunscreen and sun-blocking clothes for extra protection.

Invest in air conditioning units

Sometimes when the summer heat becomes unbearable, the next best option is for you and your pet to stay indoors. To make the climate even more comfortable, you can invest in portable air conditioning units to keep your indoor temperatures at an optimum. If your dog sleeps outside, you can get a dog house with a unit to keep him comfortable.

When staying indoors becomes boring, you can use outdoor mist coolers to keep the


atmosphere cool enough for your dog to run around freely.


Get your dog a cooling vest

The introduction of dog cooling vests has made it easier to keep pets cool when the summer heat hits. All you have to do is douse the jacket in water, place it on your dog then let it work its magic. These vests are a must-have for all dog-owners who live in hot and dry areas.

If you’re feeling too hot, the chances are that your pet feels it too. Use the information above to guide you through some of the best practices to keep your dog comfortable all summer.






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