American Labrador Retriever vs. English Labrador Retriever – Labradors are friendly creatures that have been used over the years as working dogs as well as rescue dogs due to their unique abilities. They are a larger-sized breed of retriever hunting dogs since they have a better ability to retrieve hunted animals than other dogs.American Labrador Retriever vs. English Labrador Retriever

You must have come across people using the terms English Labrador Retriever and American Labrador Retriever to distinguish the two main types of the breed.

Although both types of dogs are equally worth loving, many significant differences lead to their distinction.

The Labrador Retriever vs. English Labrador Retriever discussion is very interesting, especially if you’re a dog lover.

What is the difference between a American Labrador retriever and an English Labrador retriever?

Are there different types of Labradors?

What is the best type of Labrador?

How big do English Labrador retrievers get?

What color is the smartest lab?

Are English or American labs better?

Here’s our take on it.

The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador breed is known for its high-spirited and friendly nature.

In the early 1800s, the ships traveling from Labrador to South West England discovered this working dog breed.

During those times, Labradors were fisher’s helpers since they helped in retrieving fish from the sea.

Once they became popular, people started keeping them as pets, and the dogs were soon known as family dogs.

The breeders soon started focusing on making the dogs appear more attractive and friendly, compromising their physique, strength, and smelling ability.

The breeders restricted the Labradors indoors in controlled temperatures.

As a consequence, their coats began to thicken, which made them appear chubby.

Over time, these intelligent dogs became attached to humans, which is why they are easy to train.

Labradors are family dogs and like to live with people.

However, since they are very smart dogs, it’s necessary to train them from the beginning so that they can channel their smartness and energy in the right direction.

Labradors make a good company and are super loyal to their owners.

We think they are lovely creatures and deserve our utmost love and affection.

They’re America’s most popular dog breed for a reason.

American Labrador Retriever vs. English Labrador Retriever

American Labrador Retriever vs. English Labrador Retriever

Labradors can be divided into two groups based on some significant differences: American Labrador and English or British Labrador.

These types differ from one another due to quite a few variations other than the geographical gap.

Some characteristics of Labradors are strikingly different from others, dividing them into these groups.

The American Labradors, bred to accompany hunters, have a slim physique and a decent body structure.

They are tall and slender, with more strength.

The hunters mostly use them to fetch dead or injured game.

The English Labrador Retrievers are simply the dogs born in England.

They have a slightly thick physique and are usually used as show dogs or service dogs.

They are friendly and make perfect pets due to their calm nature.

To differentiate them better, let’s look into specific characteristics:


The beautiful Labradors range from black to chocolate and yellow.

In recent times, other gorgeous colors have emerged through cross-breedings, such as silver and champagne.

These colors are shiny and make the coats appear metallic.

The American Labrador is tall and slim, with a long neck.

They have more muscle and a thin coat.

As they have less to do with appearance, there can be variance in their looks.

The English Labrador Retriever is purely bred for show purposes.

They have a thick and compact structure with short legs.

English Labradors also have thicker furs, making them ideal family dogs.


Whichever Labrador you choose, it will be friendly, loyal, and intelligent, with a fondness to be with humans. That said, their nature and temperament can be the ultimate factor to choose the right one for yourself.

Since the American Labradors are bred for working, they are more active compared to the calmer English breed. They can withstand more activity without getting too tired.

The English Labradors are rather relaxed and easy to train, but that doesn’t mean they are sluggish or inactive.

Labradors have an easy-going attitude, with a tendency to please their owner.

In fact, all Labradors enjoy cuddles and love and are affectionate to the family members, as well.


All Labradors are intelligent and active, but the American bred are more active than the English.

As such, it can be harder to manage their energy level while training.

Labradors are commonly used as service dogs for the blind, as well as rescue dogs.

The American Labradors can get easily distracted while following commands, but they get smarter with time and good training.

On the other hand, English Labradors are slightly less energetic, and training them can be less hard.

They are also easily excitable.

It’s necessary to familiarize both the breeds to the family setting at an early age.

It can be helpful to make their early or first experiences pleasant so that they are comfortable in a variety of settings.

Ultimately, it comes down to your training experience when it comes to Labradors.


The owners of Labradors originally used them as working dogs, so they have a good amount of stamina.

They need a specific time of exercising each day, along with walks in the park or playtime in the backyard.

It’s important to think about the energy levels of your pet, as it needs to be managed efficiently.

If you go for the field type, make sure you give your dog plenty of space and opportunities to exercise and train.

If you keep the dog inactive and indoors for longer periods, they can turn out to be destructive with your possessions.

English Labradors, though, are less demanding and need less exercise.


Labradors consume about three meals per day.

The field Labradors might need a bit more if they have been active the whole day.

The English Labradors need slightly fewer amounts of food, though it depends on their activity levels on that certain day.

It’s very important to take care of your dog and their nutrition, as it not only affects their health but their mood too.

The food should contain the necessary quantities of nutrients and a reasonable amount of calories.

You will need to monitor their intake as Labradors love food.


All-in-all, both types of Labradors, English and American, are very similar to one another, as they are of a common breed.

The slight differences in their appearance and nature will dictate your choice as both the dogs have different needs and purposes.

Nevertheless, all types of Labradors are lovable and sensible.

No matter which Lab you choose, Labrador Retriever vs. English Labrador Retriever, you’re going to fall in love with them. We assure you.





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