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Getting a new pet cat isn’t just about enjoying all the cute moments and posting them on Instagram. You need to prepare! You’re bringing the feline equivalent of a baby into your home and you’re going to need the right things to make the transition easier for you, as a cat owner, and your new cat. You need pet cat starter kitTHE NEW PET CAT STARTER KIT 15

This is a quick guide on the basic items you should have in your home in preparation for a new cat.


If you don’t want your home smelling funky for weeks on end, then you might want to invest in a litter box. Depending on the breed of your cat, buy a litter box big enough for your cat to move around in. Also, don’t judge the size of the litter box by your cat’s current size. You’ll have to keep in mind the full growth your cat will achieve when you’re considering the size of your litter box.THE NEW PET CAT STARTER KIT 16THE NEW PET CAT STARTER KIT 17

Also, you’ll find a lot of “covered” litter boxes that are advertised as better because they trap odors inside the box. These aren’t a great idea as the trapped odors will be even more uncomfortable for your cat and will cause it to stop using it altogether. Cats have a VERY sensitive sense of smell and the odors that smell plain bad to us could be debilitating for your cat.




For cat litter, go for the unscented variety and for convenience, you can consider flushable cat litter which you can just dump into the toilet when it’s beyond use. Don’t forget the litter scoop! Cat litter is expensive and you can’t just dump litter out every time your cat goes to the bathroom. To make it last longer, you can use a litter scoop to remove waste from the litter box. This also keeps the smell down to a minimum and, if you’re meticulous, completely away as well. 



You can’t use your run of the mill food bowl for a cat. They prefer shallow bowls so the food can be easier to reach. Also, don’t use plastic as they capture odors and bacteria, and you’ll be spending a lot of your time scrubbing away. Metal or ceramic is easier to manage and they won’t trap any odor or bacteria.

A fun fact about cats is that they tend to not drink out of water bowls if the water isn’t moving. They prefer a flowing source of water which is why you’ll see a cat at a slowly running tap to drink water. You can find water bowls with fountains to imitate the effect, but before spending money, try a regular ceramic bowl to check if your cat is alright without a fountain. 


THE NEW PET CAT STARTER KIT 20THE NEW PET CAT STARTER KIT 21Cats love to scratch! Actually, they need to scratch as its a part of their instinct to do so to remove old nail sheaths. So, the best way to make sure your cat doesn’t claw out your furniture and drapes, invest in a scratching post. Get a tall (30 inches at least) post that it stable to prevent it from tipping over every time your cat scratches it. The more posts you have in each room, the better the furniture in that room would be protected from your cat’s claws.

If you’re looking yo buy any of the above items, head on over to www.tuxedo-cat.co.uk for detailed reviews and guides on the best cat products.



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