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Cats eat plain popcorn? The word popcorn is not new. It has been around since 300 A.D. when Mexicans used it for performing funerals. In some American homes, it is served as the first Thanksgiving meal before the feast. Charles Creators discovered the first popcorn machine in 1885 in Chicago. As it is affordable and a tasty snack, moviegoers made sure to have a large box of it. Today, America consumes around 20 billion quarts of popcorn annually. Can Cats Eat Plain Popcorn As A Snack? 15

That goes to show the popularity of popcorn in America. Is it safe for cats to eat plain popcorn? If you own a cat, then you may want to know a few things about the consumption of popcorn for cats. We will discuss each of the topics briefly:

Do cats eat popcorn?

If you provide commercial cat food for your furry pet animal, then it is most likely your cat has already consumed corn. Though nontoxic, it is not healthy or nutritious. Cats like to nibble on tiny bits for the sake of it. Can Cats Eat Plain Popcorn As A Snack? 16

In some cases, they find the odor intoxicating and tend to become curious. If you prepare popcorn at home, then the sound of the popcorn tends to drive the cats to do some investigation on their own. Popcorn does come with minerals, fiber, vitamin B, and iron. However, the essential proteins and carbohydrates are missing out. It cannot be termed as the ideal cat food diet. So, yes, cats do like to eat popcorn. 

Can cats have a popcorn?

This is a tricky question because it entirely depends on your furry animal. While some cats are fine with consuming popcorn, some cats develop allergies and reactions. In some cases, allergies can even cause death. It is fine to give your cat a few bites or pieces of freshly popped popcorn, without the artificial flavors. So, once you give your cat a few bites of popcorn, keep an eye on it — the movement and behavior.

Can Cats Eat Plain Popcorn As A Snack? 17

It may cause an upset stomach or vomiting. If your pet is fine, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if your cat is feeling uneasy and is whining, then you may want to take him to the vet. 

Is popcorn safe for cats?

Popcorn cannot be called as a health food, even for humans. In the case of cats, they come with butter and cheese that are not suitable for most of them. Milk products should be Can Cats Eat Plain Popcorn As A Snack? 18avoided for cats. It also contains caramel that is not good for your cat. You may not want to give your cat gourmet chocolate popcorn. It is incredibly toxic and dangerous. Popcorn also comes with loads of salt that cats do not require and can cause a heart attack. 

Can kittens eat popcorn?

Kittens are baby cats. When full-grown cats have an allergy and other issues consuming popcorn, kittens can suffer immensely. They have a small digestive tract, and the popcorn can choke them. 

Not to mention, it can cause immense discomfort to them. If you own kittens or kittens, then please make sure that you give them soft, easily digestible food. The food should not make them choke or cause an upset stomach. 

Ideally, kittens should have food that is rich in protein and taurine. They help them to grow and build energy. Kittens must not consume milk products like cheese and butter. Both kittens and cats do not benefit from consuming popcorn. 

Dangers of cats eat plain popcorn.

The main danger of cats consuming popcorn with flavor is that they can get an upset stomach. In some cases, they can also experience vomiting and high blood pressure. As you know, popcorn comes with high salt content. Too much salt is never good for animals, especially cats. It can even cause heart failure. If you notice symptoms mentioned above, then take your furry friend to a vet immediately. Can Cats Eat Plain Popcorn As A Snack? 19

Once you get your cat, notice her behavior and movements. If you see anything out of the ordinary, then the pet animal needs immediate medical attention. Since your cat mainly needs proper nutrition, popcorn should be given once in a while. 

You do not want to feed it regularly, especially the flavored ones. Here is a small tip if you find your cat choking on any food item or object. Do not panic, but extend her neck and head area gently. Can Cats Eat Plain Popcorn As A Snack? 20

See if you find the food item or object and remove it. You should be able to do it. If not, you can try the Heimlich maneuver. You need to place the spine area on your chest and place your hands near her waist. 

Few quick abdominal thrusts need to be done in immediate succession. When nothing works, then it is best to let the professionals do their job. If your vet can come down home during that time, then well and fine, otherwise you will have to take your cat to the vet hospital. 

Of course, a few flakes or few bites of popcorn are not going to harm or kill your precious pet cat. Cats eat plain popcorn that comes with less calorie content. However, popcorn toppings are dangerous. Can Cats Eat Plain Popcorn As A Snack? 21

This is when you need to make sure that your cat consumes only a few plain popcorn. You do not want to give the feline un-popped ones. You can avoid purchasing popcorn from commercial establishments like cinema theatres and shopping malls as they come with artificial flavors on them. 

These are incredibly unhealthy for cats. Kittens must not consume popcorn in any form or flavor. They can fall sick or even die. Please have this in mind if you own a kitten. If at all, your cat has an upset stomach, then you can stop giving popcorn.

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